cbd gel caps vs. tinctures: here's what you need to know

Whether you’re a CBD aficionado or just starting your journey, our Vegan Hemp Gel Caps are an easy way to get a precise serving of CBD — whenever and wherever you need it.

When choosing a CBD product, it’s important to focus on “bioavailability”, or how easy it is for your body to absorb it. One major factor of how much CBD your body is able to absorb is based on how you consume it. PACHAMAMA offers a couple of different methods for you to choose from such as placing a dropper of our oil under your tongue or by taking it orally with our CBD gel caps. Each method has its own unique set of perks, and selecting which method you’d like to use is solely dependent on your own personal wellness goals.

gel caps vs. tinctures: bioavailability and delivery

Both our gel caps and our tinctures are highly bioavailable — here's why. 

They each contain our whole-plant, air extracted CBD oil, paired with organic MCT oil from coconuts. The gentle extraction process we use preserves the properties of our CBD while MCT oil transfers it into the bloodstream. And since CBD is a fat-soluble compound, meaning it dissolves in fat, it must be paired with an oil that’s easy for the body to break down. MCT oil has a short molecular chain, making it the perfect counterpart for our CBD.

As stated earlier, the biggest difference in bioavailability lies in your preferred method of consumption and the goal you wish to achieve through your CBD routine. By placing a dropper of our CBD tinctures under the tongue and holding it for about 60 seconds, membranes that reside there allow the CBD and other valuable compounds from the hemp plant to make their way directly into the bloodstream. This method is effective for rapid absorption and gives you a bit of freedom in deciding how much CBD you’d like to consume.

On the other hand, our CBD gel caps are pre-measured to a precise 25mg of full spectrum CBD per capsule and are to be swallowed. Although the CBD is not being absorbed through the membranes under your tongue, it, and the other valuable compounds of the hemp plant, are kept safe and tight, encapsulated in our vegan tapioca starch lining until they reach the digestive system. Only then are they are released and later absorbed through the bloodstream. Similar to your daily supplements, this is by far the easiest and most accurate way to consume a precise amount of CBD, and oftentimes, the best way to start a new routine. 

how do I know which method is right for me?

Before choosing a delivery method, it's important to know what you wish to achieve from your CBD routine. For instance, if you're simply looking to support whole-body wellness, and are already an avid supplement taker, then the ease of our Vegan Hemp Gel Caps are probably the best way to ensure you get your daily serving of CBD. However, if you're looking for more than 25mg of CBD per serving to achieve a more specific goal, our specially formulated, botanically-infused tinctures could be more up your alley.

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