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cbd for pets

Whether you want to help your furry friends relax while you’re away, or feel more comfortable after taking them on a strenuous hike, PACHAMAMA is here to help. 

The Natural

The Natural is 100% pet friendly made with only two ingredients — organic MCT oil and our solvent-free hemp extract. Perfect for calming a pets mind, or their body.

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our dosage guide

The Beginner Dog

The beginner dog dose is for pups who have never tried CBD before, to see how they respond and if their lowest dose provides sought after therapeutic value. We recommend sticking with the starting dose for at least a week before going up.

The Experienced Dog

The experienced dog dose is for pups who have gone through both the starting and middle dose and are still not experiencing the therapeutic value you seek for them. High doses are best for pets who are experiencing more severe ailments.

Our recommendation

To determine the right serving size for your pet, we recommend starting low and going slow. Serving sizes vary depending on the weight and condition of your pet. In many cases, your pet will tell you if it’s time for more. However, a good rule of thumb will be to give them some CBD in the morning and at night until you begin to discover how their body responds to CBD at different dosages

For more information, please see our blog post here.