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Our path to enriched health began more than a decade ago with the understanding that our passions could help the lives of our friends and loved ones.

Grounded in wellness

Before his journey towards a sound mind and body, co-founder Brandon Stump struggled with a life of drug addiction. Thinking his environment and surroundings were the problems, he moved from Ohio to seek a healthy, sober life in beautiful southern California. However, shortly after making the move, he realized the environment wasn’t the problem. The problem was himself. Grounded with this realization, his problem became a catalyst for change.

Brandon formed healthier habits, a simple routine that cultivated balance within his life. The people around him started to notice his change and became attracted to his clean and sober lifestyle. With a heart of compassion and empathy, Brandon invited a handful of friends to stay in his home and began teaching them how to achieve the sober life they never thought they could reach. The number of people Brandon was housing and helping grew quickly and it became clear that he was going to need some help to keep things going.

That’s when he called on the one person he trusted most — his brother Ryan Stump. After sympathizing with Brandon over the spreading problem, Ryan left a career in the medical field and moved out west to help his brother change lives.

Together, they founded the Buckeye Recovery Network which is now known as the gold standard for aftercare in the United States with more than twenty sober living environments, medical detoxes, and intensive outpatient centers. Brandon and Ryan have made it their purpose to help people find their way back to a life worth living. What started with one life has evolved into 10,000+ lives changed.

The Nature of Healing

It wasn’t until Brandon tore ligaments in his ankle and needed help managing the pain that he found CBD. After winning his battle to get clean, using prescription pain-killers was off the table. And when physical therapy was proving ineffective, he became frustrated and felt at a loss. At this point, he was introduced to a topical hemp CBD product by a friend — Brandon was ecstatic, the product helped him take control of the pain and feel dramatically better over the course of a few weeks. Just like that, his fire for helping others enjoy their life found a new source to burn. Brandon called Ryan one more time to expand their multifaceted team of passionate individuals and create the Pachamama brand.

quality is Everything

Once we started our research, we were astonished at the caliber of CBD products on the market. We found that reliable products were hard to come by. Most extraction facilities rely on multiple strains of hemp from multiple farms to extract enough CBD to meet demand. We sought a solution to this process — single-origin hemp — one strain cultivated by one farmer.

We also didn’t want to compromise quality during the extraction process. That’s why we employ a USDA Certified Organic, proprietary air extraction method to extract our CBD. It does not use any CO2, hydrocarbons or solvents. To top it all off, we steer clear of artificial flavors and sweeteners. In order to provide pure, targeted products, you will only ever find our CBD extracts coupled with the most powerful superfoods and plant-extracts sourced from around the world.

Through the years, we’ve learned that it’s simply not enough to just tell you that we stay clean and pure. We have to show you. Through staying meticulous with our process, we obtained the Clean Label Project’s Purity Award. In a market where pure products are few and far between, we were the first of only three CBD brands to ever acquire an award that is only given to companies after thoughtful consideration and rigorous lab-testing — as a way to prove to you that we are a brand you can trust.

To learn more about our single-origin practices, air extraction process, infused ingredients, and awards, head over to our Education page.

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We entered the health and wellness industry to change lives by helping people incorporate healthy alternatives and creative methods into their day-to-day. Now, we expand on that approach to balance by crafting unparalleled CBD products that you can use daily to form noticeable changes into your own life.

brandon stump, ceo