What is single origin hemp?

Our hemp is cultivated from Mother Earth in the colorful state of Colorado. Nurtured with pure Rocky Mountain water and an abundance of sunshine, we go far beyond the standard to source only from single-origin hemp. This means, from seed to bottle, we use the same strain and family of hemp plants in order to create consistent and reliable products – every batch, every time.


Healthy Farm

By using one farm per batch to extract our CBD containing products, we are benefiting the farm and supporting non-chemical farming practices.



Always get the same beneficial cannabinoid and terpene content. Same look, taste, and scent.


Quality & Results

Through consistency and quality comes constant results. Buy one product today - get the same beneficial compounds in that bottle as you will get 6 months from now.

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Air Extraction

The distinguished method we apply to begin crafting our full spectrum products requires only heated air. Using a solvent-free extraction process with a global portfolio of 85 pending patents, we create the cleanest extracts on the market today.

This process works by directly distilling cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes from the surface of the cannabis plant through a precise burst of heated air and pressure. Leaving no chance for chemical exposure to the hemp at any point, this results in a rich, unadulterated extract with a smooth, natural flavor.


Superfood & Power Plant Infused Ingredients

Enjoy pure plant extracts — revered herbs, superfoods, and adaptogens. Pachamama offers a diverse array of targeted products made with plant extracts sourced from around the globe.

Goji Berry


The goji berry is packed full of your body’s protein building blocks and can play a vital role in maintaining your overall health and wellness.


mood booster

The heart opener, ylang-ylang, is an all-encompassing mood-booster and aphrodisiac — helping you release negativity to let the light in.



Kava root washes a sense of calmness over the mind by decreasing overstimulation in your brain.

Green Tea


The healthiest elixir on Earth, green tea, holds restorative and antioxidizing properties that boost your immune system and build white blood cells in your body.



The golden spice of turmeric root works in your body on a biological level as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidizing agent.


restful sleep

Valerian root helps you get to sleep and stay asleep by working with your body’s chemistry to enhance feelings of tranquility.



Menthol fosters an inhibiting effect on the experience of discomfort by activating a cooling sensation to targeted areas on the body.



Rooibos promotes glowing skin through enzymes and antioxidants that fight free radicals while stimulating the production of healthy skin cells.


decreased pain

Along with capsaicin’s ability to make peppers spicy, it works at a physiological level by communicating decreased pain signals throughout the nervous system.

Shea Butter

skin moisturizer

Shea butter is an ideal daily moisturizer containing an array of fatty acids that protect the skin’s lipid barrier from external irritants.

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clean label

Purity Award

We take as much responsibility for your wellness as we do our own. That’s why we conduct thorough testing at every step of the process: at harvest, after extraction and on our final product. We never test on animals, but we do ensure our products are pure – so you can feel confident that what’s going in your body is highly effective and extremely safe. As a result, we have been awarded the Purity Award from The Clean Label Project™ for remaining authentic and transparent.