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In America,  the average person produces just under 5 pounds of trash each day and unfortunately most of it is comprised of recyclable items. According to the EPA, plastics make up 19.2% of annual landfill material. That equates to a whopping 26.82 million tons of plastic in landfills every year.  Glass makes up just under 5% of annual landfill material which totals out to about 6.87 million tons each year. 

Not-so-fun fact: 
It takes plastic about 450 years to decompose. Meanwhile, it's purported to take glass thousands of years to even begin to decompose.

Knowing these stats, we want to make sure we do everything in our power to keep our products out of the landfill. That's why we've created The Pachamama Recycling Program - where we do the recycling for you AND give you 10% off of your next order.

We believe that creating ecologically-responsible solutions to nurture Mother Nature is essential in paving the path towards a more sustainable future. Getting involved in this solution is easy. All you have to do is follow our three step process.

follow our three step process

Step 1
: Fill out the form below to get your free return label
Step 2: Mail your clean, empty bottles back to our warehouse by using your return label
Step 3: Once we've received your bottles, we'll email you with your unique 10% off discount code

Send us your used product bottles

Get 10% OFF

  • Mail us your empty bottles 
  • Keep glass and plastic out of landfills
  • Get 10% off of your next order

save your bottle, save the planet

Want to learn more about the Pachamama CBD Recycling program?
Read our FAQ page below.

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