your guide to pachamama's cbd gel caps

Have you ever been curious about trying CBD, but aren't quite comfortable using a tincture? Or maybe you're looking for a more convenient way to get your daily CBD? Whatever the case may be, our full spectrum CBD gel capsules are going to be the most convenient yet effective way to start and continue your CBD wellness regimen. 
Containing a precise 25mg of our proprietary full spectrum hemp extract per capsule, these Vegan Hemp Gel Caps are one of a kind for a number of reasons.

vegan cbd gel capsule

our five step process

STEP 1 — single-origin

The very beginning of our process starts in the soil with our single-origin farming practices. In order to create consistent cannabinoid and terpene profiles in every capsule, we only source a single strain of USDA certified organic hemp  from one farm per batch. Read more here.

STEP 2 — air extraction

Then, to conduct our whole-plant extraction process, we utilize a solvent-free method that extracts, activates and refines beneficial compounds from our hemp in one combined step. Read more here.

STEP 3 — mct oil 

Once we have our full spectrum extract, we pair it with organic MCT oil from coconuts as a carrier to work cannabinoids into your body. Since CBD is naturally a fat soluble compound, it requires a carrier oil to transfer the compound into your endocannabinoid system

STEP 4 — lab testing

As always, we triple test all products for cannabinoid content as well as impurities like heavy metals, lead and plastic. Easily find COA's for our raw extracts and final products at

STEP 5 — tapioca starch capsule

To wrap it all up, we use a tapioca starch lining to ensure our capsules are free of solvents, gums, glues and are 100% vegan.  

meet the newest evolution of cbd capsules

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how to use pachamama's vegan cbd gel caps

Easily incorporate our CBD gel caps into your wellness regimen by taking them with your supplements in the morning, at night, or both depending on how much CBD you would like — each capsule contains 25mg of CBD.
You can find the capsules in a 30 count bottle or a two-pack sachet, making them a convenient yet effective way to replace using a CBD tincture when you're on-the-go.

If you're new to using CBD internally, we suggest starting low, going slow, and paying close attention to your body's responses. For everything you need to know when beginning a CBD regimen, see our article here.

To make using our CBD gel caps even more convenient, we also offer subscribe and save services, so you can have them — and all of your CBD essentials — automatically delivered as often as you'd like. All you need to do is check the Subscribe and Save box at checkout and choose how often you'd like them shipped.


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