Pachamama X Ceezemc Hemp Sneaker Collaboration for Earth Day 2020

Did you know Pachamama means Earth Mother? Yup, we love Mother Earth and believe in Her healing power so strongly that we named our brand after Her. And, today is Her day―It’s the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! The organization that created the world’s largest environmental movement, Earth Day Network, works to drive meaningful action for our planet in the areas of climate action, science and education, people and communities, conservation and restoration, and plastic and pollution.

This year, Earth Day is going digital with three ways to take action:
1. Join the Global Digital Surge
2. Watch Earth Day Live
3. Take 24 Hours of Action

To learn more about the history and successes of Earth Day Network, or what you can do to defend the abundance that Mother Earth provides for us, visit

pachamama and ceezemc hemp sneaker collaboration 

adidas hemp shoes

To celebrate and remember the endless benefits that Mother Earth provides for us, Pachamama has partnered with NYC’s own footwear fabricator Ceeze to design and gift a 100% sustainable, hemp-fabricated shoe. Taking the iconic yet versatile Adidas design, Ceeze used hemp and other sustainable material to create the world’s best Earth-friendly streetwear and athletic shoe. Click here to enter to win a pair.

how they're made

The inside of the shoe is made up of two parts. First, recycled EVA foam sits between a vegan leather outsole and an extra-cushioned footbed to make your steps feel as if you’re walking on a cloud. The structure of the shoe comes from an expertly crafted, hand-tooled vegan leather cage covered with the material of a completely recycled hemp canvas. The final touch to this collaboration is the embellishment of our Pachamama logo stitched atop both left and right uppers, heels and linings of the shoes.

why we chose ceeze

We were elated to find a partner who was not only extremely creative but also values Mother Earth in the same way Pachamama does. Ceeze had a vision of creating a shoe made entirely of our favorite material—hemp. As a brand that crafts our full spectrum CBD products solely using ingredients of the Earth, it was important that we bring forth a shoe also made entirely of plant materials.

The unique process we adopt to create our full spectrum line of products starts with organic, single-origin hemp sourced from one strain grown on one farm. Next, we utilize a solvent-free, USDA organic air extraction process that gently evaporates cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material and recondenses them back into our extract in one step. Lastly, we pair our hemp extract with a collection of superfoods, adaptogens and revered herbs to give each of our products a targeted effect.

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