CBD Massage: Pachamama’s Pain Cream to Combat Aches and Tension

As if a massage wasn’t relaxing enough, imagine the extra therapeutic benefits from incorporating Pachamama’s Pain Cream into the mix. CBD massage is the perfect combination to soothe body aches and discomfort.

Not sure how CBD massage could benefit you? Let’s take a closer look...

the tranquil benefits of cbd massage

CBD massage allows you to experience the full benefits of CBD, along with the advantages of topical application. CBD topicals not only help soothe muscle discomfort and body aches, but provide the added benefits of being moisture-rich and nourishing to the skin.

Here’s a rundown of a few benefits to pairing Pachamama’s CBD Pain Cream with massage:

  • Reduced Muscle Tension: Massage is an excellent way to rid the body of unwanted muscle tension.
  • Instant Pain Relief: Our CBD pain cream contains ingredients that provide instant, cooling relief to aches and pains.
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity: CBD is associated with dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain that’s responsible for how we feel pleasure. 
  • Elevated Mood: CBD and massage are both known to be uplifting and mood-stabilizing.
  • Ultra-Moisturizing: Massage helps the skin absorb the nutrients of the pain cream, leaving behind soft and hydrated skin.

how cbd massage works with the body

Massage helps increase blood flow to the muscles, improving circulation throughout the body. Good circulation is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It also helps prevent unwanted effects of poor circulation like hair loss, dry skin, memory issues, fatigue, and trouble concentrating.

Increased blood flow isn’t the only benefit of massage. Regular massage can help lower blood pressure and heart rate, reduce stress, boost the immune system, and help in muscle recovery and pain control.

Using the right topical for massage enhances the pain-relieving benefits you’ll experience. The Pachamama pain cream combines CBD with many other powerful plant and botanical extracts to provide instant relief and healing.

  • 850mg of CBD: provides temporary relief from distressing aches and pains
  • Menthol: Provides an instant, cooling sensation
  • Frankincense Oil: This ancient essential oil helps relieve pain and reduces stress[1]
  • Copaiba Balsam Oil: A sap-like substance found in the trunk of certain trees that can help reduce inflammation
  • MSM: A natural solution for pain and inflammation; Also reduces the risk for exercise-induced muscle damage
  • Capsaicin: A natural substance that gives heat to chili peppers; provides a warm, burning sensation to help relieve sore muscles, aches, and muscle tension
  • Arnica Flower Extract: A natural plant extract used in many homeopathic remedies to help ease muscle and joint pain
  • Eucalyptus Leaf: A moisture-rich essential oil that helps serves as an antioxidant and promotes healing within the body

best tips on incorporating cbd into a massage

Whether you’re massaging yourself, getting help from a partner, or indulging in a trip to the spa, CBD can be easily integrated into your massage session.

Here is the best way to add our Pachamama Pain Cream into your CBD Massage:

  • Apply a thin layer to the body area being massaged
  • Use your hands to work your way up and down the area, applying pressure as you go
  • Use your fingers to deliver small, circular movements to the skin
  • Continue applying pressure (as tolerated) until the pain cream is absorbed into the skin
  • Reap the benefits of instant relief from your painful discomforts


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