Stressed? You Need Adaptogens — The Best Herbs to Pair With CBD

Here at PACHAMAMA, we love a good adaptogenic herb, if you couldn’t tell. That’s why we’re one of the first brands in the industry to introduce adaptogens in our CBD tinctures. If we can be honest, Summer 2020 hasn’t been the hottest for the books — and when occasional stress arises, these two are your dynamic duo. If you’re not familiar yet, PACHAMAMA’s breaking down the science behind these funky-sounding substances, and exactly how they take your CBD to a whole new level.

Hang on... An Adapto-what?

Forgive us, we sometimes get a little ahead of ourselves with excitement about these powerful, plant-based healers.

An adaptogenic herb is a super-smart botanical that supports your body’s ability to combat occasional stress and imbalance. They’ve been utilized for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine as holistic preventative medicines, which support natural vitality, combat occasional stress, and boost energy levels. And unlike some overly stimulating substances like coffee beans, adaptogens are found in herb and root form, and can be a nourishing alternative to a daily caffeine ritual. 

What’s even cooler?

Adaptogens, well, they help you adapt to imbalances you may be experiencing in your body. Anything that interferes with the healthy function of your immune system, nervous system, or endocrine system, these plants have a certain amount of intelligence to work on bodily support where you need it. They're similar to CBD in that way.

Why CBD+Adaptogens are Your Dynamic-Duo

What role do adaptogens play when paired with CBD?

Most importantly, they work hand-in-hand to restore balance to your body, especially when it comes to occasional stress. For example, our Kava Kava Valerian Tincture combines two powerful adaptogens, (Kava- for a natural, calming state, Valerian- for occasional sleeplessness and fatigue) WITH full spectrum CBD, so you’re getting a powerful serving of holistic health—all in one dropper. In a nutshell, these both adaptogens and CBD work fine on their own, but when combined, they work synergistically to support the other. 


To help you find a blend that works with you, here are the deets on the adaptogens we use in our products, and why:

Peony & Licorice Root: Found in our Icy Muscle Gel, these potent herbs reduce exercise-induced muscle tension, swelling, and pain.

Rooibos: Found in our CBD Body Lotion, Rooibos contains powerful antioxidants and is high in Zinc for overall skin health.

Ylang-Ylang: Found in Ylang Ylang+Holy Basil, this powerful adaptogen reduces occasional stress and boosts your mood. Holy Basil tackles exercise-induced inflammation, helps to maintain healthy blood sugar, and keeps the body in homeostasis.

Goji Berry: Found in Goji+Cacao, Goji Berries are a versatile superfood containing essential amino acids+antioxidants. Cacao, once worth more than gold, contains minerals and antioxidants that reduce occasional stress, support blood pressure, and increase endorphins. More, please.

Turmeric & Black Pepper: Found in our Turmeric+Black Pepper tincture, Turmeric has endless health benefits, including potent anti-inflammatory properties, and immune support. Black Pepper supports the bioavailability of turmeric. Now that’s what we call a power couple. 


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