setting intentions: how mindful dosing creates a better cbd experience

Have you ever noticed the difference between taking a slow, mindful morning, carefully brewing a cup of coffee, and enjoying it in complete presence, versus mornings when you’re rushing to get out of the door and order a drive-thru brew on your way to work?

Though your favorite coffee-shop brew may have a special, unique taste, there’s something sacred in setting intentions and taking the time to craft your own cup.

The same applies to your experience with CBD. You may notice that you experience a greater sense of full-bodied presence after consuming CBD, however, it’s so crucial to begin this presence-process prior to consumption.

Why is this the case?

What is it that sets apart the experience of rapid-dosing versus mindful dosing?

the power of presence

Try this out: The next time you take CBD, find yourself a quiet moment in a comfortable space. Maybe even put on some relaxing tunes or anything that can fully clear your mind of the chatter. Roll the bottle between your hands, and slowly unscrew the dropper.

Take a few deep belly breaths, thinking of your intentions as you hold the dropper under your tongue. Reference your stresses and strifes, and remind yourself of why you chose to add CBD into your daily routine. This process will bring you into complete mind-body awareness, allowing you to be in a divine, enhanced state of self. 

you're in control

Grounding and setting your intentions (much like meditation) allow you to cruise through your relaxed state with ease. If you have aches and pains, or subconscious worries, grounding allows you to unravel your thoughts, and experience bodily sensations without the automatic “receptive” response that the brain will sometimes take.

Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, and won’t facilitate a mental or bodily “high”. However, both derived from the hemp plant, and binding to receptors of the endocannabinoid system, you can control your experience, and use CBD to navigate where you would like it to go, and how you would like it to assist in your health and happiness. You may notice that you’re holding tension in your neck, or have a sudden, intuitive desire to drink water. This is your mind and body alerting you that you haven’t been fully present up until the time that you slowed down to take the CBD.

intentional intelligence

If you’ve chosen Pachamama as your go-to CBD:

First of all, we sincerely thank you, and we promise, you’re in good hands.

Second of all, chances are, you’ve already practiced intention-setting!

Now, as you sit down to take our superfood-infused CBD, we would like you to ask yourself a simple question before you start. 

What you would like to do, (and what state of mind you’d like to do it in) afterward?

By thinking this through, you are almost directing the outcome, allowing your vision to mindfully unfold from there.

It’s not magic, but it certainly feels like it!

Let’s say, for example, that you’ve been experiencing some mild aches surrounding your knee, and would like to relax at the end of the day with one of our CBD tinctures. Once you’re in your quiet space, set your intention to find temporary relief from the aches, and achieve a comfortable night’s sleep. 20-30 minutes after consumption, you’ll likely find yourself inspired to do a gentle self-massage of the muscles in this area. Your state of relaxation and presence will guide you throughout the massage, and you’ll be able to pinpoint the exact areas that need direct care. This degree of self-care and self-awareness will relax the mind and the body to a degree that will allow you to drift off into dreamland with much more ease and peace of mind.

Alternatively, you could try this method in a similar fashion with situations and thoughts that are causing you to stress. Despite the density of the thoughts and feelings surrounding the situation, find yourself a few moments of clarity to state your intention before taking the CBD. After consumption, you’ll find the CBD has had some impact, lifting some of the weight off of your shoulders, and temporarily relieving the tension of the stress. Without the mental clutter, you’ll have an easier time to think through your stress, and to pinpoint what it is about the situation that you’re in that is causing so much tension and resistance.

From there? Sound solutions are formed and taken along with you once the effects of the CBD have subsided. 

beyond the tincture

This practice isn’t just for use with our tinctures or sitting down in a sacred space. You could practice your intention setting when rubbing Athletic Rub on pre-game, (i.e. “Despite my mild aches/pains, I want to perform the absolute best that I can today!”), or when doing a self-massage with Body Lotion after your shower. While it’s certainly a next-level experience to find a quiet space to be mindful (especially in nature!), it’s not always the most realistic option for those who a hard-working in their busy lives.

Regardless, of where you are, and no matter how busy that you are, 60 seconds of mindful presence can make a world of a difference in your day, especially when incorporating CBD in these moments. 

the mind, the breath, and the ecs

While mindfulness and intention-setting do involve the brain, the process is first initiated in the body. The truth is, one of CBD’s greatest strengths is its ability to harmonize the connection between the mind and the body. Which is incredibly easy to lose when feelings of stress arise. Breathwork or a few intentional deep breaths are incredibly powerful, almost as much as CBD, to bring harmony between the mind and the body during any given moment as well.

Take it easy, take it slow. Try setting intentions prior to your next CBD dose, and let us know how the experience went!

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