we're making cbd more accessible for all

Since we launched, the hemp industry has matured, causing the price of hemp to decrease. Rather than keeping those savings for ourselves, we made the decision to pass the savings onto our customers. Making our products more accessible to all that want to experience the therapeutic benefits of hemp.

We are thrilled to announce that we are adjusting our product pricing and making CBD more accessible for everyone. Through our customer’s continued support and the thriving hemp product space, we are able to lower the prices of our entire product line.

what made it possible

Lowering our prices is achievable by us for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, we'd like to sincerely thank all of our loyal customers for your support and dedication to our mission. The second important reason we're able to lower our prices is due to a reduction in the overall price of hemp CBD biomass, which has dropped 79% from April of 2019 to April 2020. Additionally, the USDA issued its final rule on hemp in mid-January of this year, which has begun to establish a great sense of stability for the hemp industry as a whole. 

A few benefits from this final rule include:

  • An expanded harvest window time from 15 days to 30 days; this gives our farmers a bit of ease
  • Alternative options for disposing of or remediating hemp that tests above the compliant THC level of 0.03%; instead of our farmers being required to trash or even worse, burn, their above-threshold hemp, they can now use other methods of repurposing
  • An increased standard of negligence from 0.5% to 1% THC. This means hemp that tests above 0.3% but below 1% THC will not be considered a negligent violation, but it will still need to be disposed of or remediated.

the same products, still using single origin USDA organic hemp

We will continue to source only single-origin hemp for our full spectrum products, allowing us to remain consistent in the value that our products bring to our customers.

If you’re not familiar with our single-origin hemp practices, allow us to explain!

We source our hemp from a single strain, grown on a single farm, per every batch of high-CBD hemp extract that we produce. This allows us to create consistency between the cannabinoid and terpene profiles found in our full spectrum hemp products. This is critical to a final product because cannabinoid and terpene profiles are what dictate the therapeutic value that you will receive from a CBD product.

Many brands source hemp from multiple sources, using multiple strains in order to meet the demand of the industry, while cutting down on production costs. We choose to avoid this method because we know that different strains of hemp naturally produce different compound profiles. Similarly, different growing techniques have an impact on the compound profiles a hemp plant is able to produce.

The price of our wellness products is and always will be reflective of the quality of our ingredients, the farms that grow them, and the factories that bring them all together.


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