is CBD worth it? a nurse’s take on whether CBD products actually work

Being a nurse with a passion for alternative health can be challenging, to say the least. Living in a small town with a population under 500 leaves few options for working within the field of holistic medicine.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the benefits of modern healthcare. It has saved the lives of many of my loved ones more than once. But my firm belief in a natural, preventative approach to wellness often leaves me with a void.

Far too often, I’ve seen patients in the clinic overloaded with medications as a cure for their unhealthy lifestyle and habits. Many times, they leave their appointment with new scripts to combat the side effects of their other medications. It becomes a domino cycle of adding new antidotes to remedy the undesirable effects of their prescribed drugs.

opening the door for cbd

I’ve seen first-hand the benefits of CBD in my personal life. I was introduced to CBD soft gels for the first time after experiencing a 10-day migraine and finding no relief from over-the-counter remedies. This wasn’t new for me. Migraines have controlled my life for over a decade. I’ve learned many coping mechanisms over the years, but over a week of consistent pain was enough.

I stumbled into the local wellness center, hoping to find some sort of relief, and left with my first bottle of CBD. Within a few days, I felt relief and my body was overcome with a feeling of calmness. Like I could finally breathe again. Could CBD products actually work for me?

That experience was the beginning of my journey to uncover the science behind how CBD interacts with the body. At that point, I knew nothing about how or why CBD worked for me. Was it a coincidence? Was it actually the reason my migraine disappeared? 

CBD as a natural health alternative

Because there are still many unknowns about CBD and its potential therapeutic benefits, most doctors remain guarded about prescribing CBD as a natural health alternative.

As a nurse, it was difficult to work in traditional medicine knowing there are so many holistic alternatives constantly being pushed under the rug. It's as if the risks with this approach to care were greater, but that’s simply not the case. My job is to support my patients, but it was often difficult to do.

Occasionally, a patient would admit their use of CBD. It was always a breath of fresh air to speak with someone who had a similar positive experience. One encounter with an elderly woman in the clinic was particularly good for my soul. She told me of her experience on hospice, ten years at that point! Her family made the decision to adopt a more natural approach to care as they prepared to say their goodbyes.

They discontinued her prescription medications and continued with just supplements. Yes, this included CBD. I met her ten years after entering hospice care, alive and thriving! Of course, we don’t know what really preserved her quality of life for so long, but the positive energy and outcome was a refreshing narrative I’ll never forget.

an emphasis on choosing products wisely

The most important thing I’ve learned about CBD over the years is that product research is crucial.

We’ve all walked into a gas station and seen some kind of CBD product being sold. You can hop on Amazon and see pages full of CBD cure-alls. The problem is most of these products contain nothing but harmful chemicals and little to no actual CBD.

In fact, many CBD products aren’t CBD at all. If you sit down and do the research, you’ll find that the industry is full of cheap, synthetic oils. What may seem like a good deal to you is actually an untested product full of harmful toxins that will result in a poor experience.

So how can CBD products actually work for you?

Those who are interested in trying CBD products should focus on learning the basics of CBD and how it interacts with your body. Choosing a reputable source is crucial in ensuring you are taking a high-quality, safe product.

why pachamama?

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