what is high-grade hemp?

You may have heard the term “high-grade hemp” and been left wondering what it means and what makes it superior to any other kind of hemp. It all starts with the seed. From the specific genetics of a sprouting hemp seed to the drying methods used on a fully-grown and harvested plant, there are several factors that determine the quality of hemp. Likewise, the factors at play directly translate to the quality of a final CBD product. By building a good foundation for a hemp plant to thrive from the very beginning of its life cycle, you are much more likely to achieve exemplary end results.

High-grade hemp is any hemp that has been cared for from its infancy and nurtured under the right conditions by Mother Nature herself. At Pachamama, our process starts by planting one strain of genetically superlative hemp seeds and growing them with Rocky Mountain water and an abundance of sunshine. Once they mature, we cultivate a single strain from a single farm to produce each batch of full spectrum hemp extract. This process is referred to as single-origin and it lies at the very core of high-grade hemp.

single-origin practices create consistency

high quality hemp

Picture a hemp farm that’s growing only one strain of hemp for acres. With all of the seeds planted in unison, their roots intermingle and work together to support the well-being of one another. Through their intrinsic genetic connection comes a strength unattainable from the combination of varying genetics growing together. This establishes an added level of reliability to a final CBD product by creating a stable potency of terpenes, CBD and other cannabinoids. The reason for this is because every strain of hemp contains different levels of phytochemicals that transfer over to a full or broad spectrum extract.

By using one strain of hemp grown on one farm, we are able to create products with plant profiles that will remain consistent and continuously provide you with constant results. To learn more about our single-origin practices, check out our blog post here.

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