what is full spectrum cbd?

Simply put, it's a form of hemp extract. Research has shown that the cannabis plant produces more than 400 compounds and 60 of them are cannabinoids. Aside from the well-known cannabinoids like THC and CBD, the hemp plant produces a myriad of other compounds like phenols, esters, terpenes, proteins, and flavonoids. A full spectrum extraction process aims to preserve all of the different compounds, which as a result, retains the synergy of their coexistence.

Full-spectrum products do include the presence of THC, the active compound in marijuana. However, they are only present in very low concentrations. Many extracts sold in the cannabis industry today are made from marijuana plants which are high in THC. On the contrary, CBD extracts come from the hemp plant which is very low in THC content (<0.3%) and high in CBD. By retaining that small amount of THC along with the other compounds found in the plant, it's been found that together, they can actually enhance the way that CBD works in the body. When THC, CBD, and other compounds stay together in a full-spectrum extract, their interactions are referred to as the entourage effect.

what is the entourage effect and how does it work?

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While CBD alone has the potential to offer phenomenal health benefits, a full-spectrum product allows your body to reach a deeper range of value by activating the entourage effect. This effect is a synergistic bond between the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and all the compounds found in a hemp plant. Researchers are still working to figure out exactly how this works in the body but what they have found is that minor phytochemicals such as exogenous cannabinoids and terpenes increase the activity of the naturally occurring endocannabinoids, anandamide, and 2AG.

This explains why CBD and THC only work at their highest level of performance when they run with a team. Furthermore, the ECS can only perform at its highest peak performance when it’s confronted with the entourage effect.

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