topicals or tinctures: which cbd product is right for you? 

Topicals and tinctures are two of the most popular CBD product categories out there, and the ones you’re going to see the most of when out shopping for CBD goodies. But what’s the difference between CBD topicals and tinctures, and when should you turn to one product over the other?

This decision is mostly going to come down to what it is that you’re trying to achieve with your CBD routine. Let’s compare these two CBD options to help you figure out whether you’re more of a CBD topical or CBD tincture person.

what are cbd topicals?

CBD topicals are any CBD-infused lotion, balm or cream that you apply directly to the skin. If you’ve ever used moisturizing lotion or hand-creams, then you’re already familiar with topicals.

CBD topicals are great when you want relief in specific areas of your body. Rub a little bit on the area you want to treat, and let the CBD work its magic.

CBD topicals are a fantastic choice for the athletes among us who are looking for an all-natural and quick way to reduce post-workout muscle soreness. Personal trainers like Zach Sciolo use CBD topicals as a key part of their exercise regime and say they wouldn’t be without it.

“High-quality CBD is absolutely the most important tool to battle your way through modern life as an athlete,” Sciolo told Pachamama.

Of course, you don’t need to be a competitive athlete to get the most out of a good CBD topical. Pain-relieving CBD creams have also been a hot accessory on the red carpet as well. In fact, stars like Mandy Moore have turned to CBD topicals as a means of making long nights standing around in high-heel shoes a little more comfortable, by rubbing a CBD topical on her feet.

CBD topicals don’t have to be all about soothing sore muscles, either. The stuff also makes a great moisturizer and protects the skin from the toxins and pollutants of day to day life.

what are cbd tinctures? 

CBD tinctures are a blend of CBD extracts and a liquid base, and you typically consume them orally. One of the most effective ways to take CBD topicals is by sublingual administration, which means taking it under the tongue, then holding the desired amount of CBD tincture there for 30–60 seconds before swallowing. Doing this allows the CBD to absorb into your bloodstream much more quickly than if you just swallowed the tincture because it bypasses the digestive system.

CBD tinctures are a great option if you're looking for full-body relief. Whether you spent the whole day hiking or maybe you just need a little help unwinding at the end of a tough workday, these are the things CBD tinctures are best for. While tinctures can be applied directly to a specific area of the body just like topicals, you’ll get a lot more out of them by taking them sublingually.

Tinctures are also going to be the CBD product of choice for people who want stronger doses of CBD. Since the skin can only absorb so much CBD at a time, it can take a long time and a lot of reapplication if a higher dose is required. With tinctures, however, the dosage can easily be scaled up or down by using our graduated droppers.

If you prefer, CBD tinctures can easily be added to food or drink to help bring a wellness boost to everything you eat, too. While consuming CBD tinctures in this way won’t be as effective as taking them sublingually, it will still provide excellent relief.

Remember, there is no wrong way to use your CBD products. Get out there, experiment and try different things! With a bit of patience, you’ll find the CBD routine that works best for you and your needs. Some people even find that combining the targeted effects of CBD topicals with the whole body relaxation of a CBD tincture offers the best form of relief, so don’t be afraid to mix and match either.

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