5 ways to know you can trust a cbd product

The world of CBD can be a complicated place, as many of us have a handful of questions about what these products actually do. With so many new brands cropping up all the time, quickly shifting laws and regulations, and a whole lot of misleading information floating around, it can be hard to know which CBD products to trust.
So how do you know which CBD products to choose?

By looking for these five things, of course.

1. third-party lab testing

Trustworthy CBD is always lab tested for safety and purity. And any CBD brand worth its salt will also provide consumers with the Certificate of Analysis (or COA). A COA is an easy to read and understand document that lays out the exact amounts of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids that are in a specific product. The COA should also alert consumers about any potential contamination from heavy metals and pesticides.

The Clean Label Project — a nationally recognized nonprofit that tests consumer goods — recently found that some of the biggest CBD brands couldn’t meet their standards. Shockingly, high amounts of lead, plastic and other contaminants were discovered in many popular CBD products.

At Pachamama, all of our CBD products are third-party tested by accredited labs. We also make it super easy for our community to find the COA for all of our products. Whether that’s finding them here, or by scanning the QR code on any of our products, it’s easy to get all the information about what is being consumed.

Oh, and, a little humble brag: We were granted the Clean Label Project’s Purity Award for exceeding their standards for CBD purity and safety.

2. locally sourced hemp

Where a brand sources their hemp should be a big consideration on whether a consumer chooses to trust them or not. These days, much of the world’s hemp is grown in China. While the hemp grown overseas is perfectly suitable for making textiles, the strict growing standards in the U.S. mean that American-grown hemp is likely to be of higher quality and safer for consumption.

Additionally, as Consumer Reports points out, consumers should look for brands that use hemp grown in states where recreational cannabis has been legalized. These states tend to have even stricter growing standards and safety regulations, meaning better CBD products overall.

Single-origin, single-strain
hemp is a key part of Pachamama’s commitment to making the best CBD possible. All the hemp we use to craft our full spectrum products are grown in our home state of Colorado — the first U.S. state to fully legalize marijuana.

3. chemical-free extraction

If consuming anything that was made using solvents and other chemicals sounds unappealing, that’s because it is. Unfortunately, though, that’s how a lot of CBD products get made. Not only do these chemical extraction methods leave many at risk of consuming contaminated CBD, but they also damage the cannabinoids, resulting in lower-quality products.

While pressurized CO2 extraction methods are certainly a step up from solvent extractions — which provides for a cleaner and higher-quality product — Pachamama takes things even further. When possible, we use a patented extraction method that uses nothing but heated air. This ensures that our full spectrum CBD products are completely and always chemical-free.

4. high-quality ingredients

Most people know not to eat foods chock-full of preservatives and processed sugars, and, just like with regular food, these are things to avoid when choosing CBD products as well. If the bottle of CBD oil has a long list of ingredients that are tough to pronounce, it might be time to look somewhere else.

This is why Pachamama only puts ingredients that make sense in our CBD products. Take the Goji Cacao CBD oil, for example. The goji and cacao extracts used here work together with our carefully selected full spectrum CBD oil to boost moods, while helping with focus.

5. unbeatable customer service

Any trustworthy CBD brand should be more than happy to answer any questions about products and processes, help find the best CBD product available, and educate those interested about how to use it. So, ask away.

Discover natural, locally-made CBD products with Pachamama.

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