5 questions everyone should ask before trying cbd

CBD products are one of the hottest wellness trends in America right now. It seems like everywhere is touting the many benefits of CBD, leaving many to wonder if it’s something worth trying. But before taking CBD, there are a few questions worth asking—and we break down some of the most common.

1. how much cbd to start with?

CBD comes in a variety of dosages, with the goal for users to start small and increase milligrams after learning how their body reacts to products. Before purchasing something, it’s important to figure out what the end goal is.
Looking for a little taste? Then it may be best to choose a weaker or less potent dosage to begin with, just to see the impact it has. Looking to jump in right away and see what fully embracing CBD feels like? Then start off with a strong dose. Remember, it’s important to understand and educate yourself prior to trying CBD, which will help to find the kind of experience each consumer wants to start with.

2. how fast do you want the effects?

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There are many ways to ingest CBD, and the method you choose will determine how quickly you feel the effects. For example, taking CBD drops sublingually (or under the tongue) is one of the quickest methods to start feeling the effects. On the contrary, swallowing your CBD (like taking gummies or mixing in salads or smoothies) will take a little longer for the digestive system to start breaking down the CBD.

3. are you looking for any other supplements?

Regardless of product, there are many benefits to taking CBD regularly. CBD products derived from full spectrum hemp can include many different vitamins or supplements to improve your health, with things like Vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium, Zinc, Iron and many, many more in many products. So, it’s best to determine if you’re looking to simply consume CBD, or if you’d like additional supplements and benefits from the products you purchase.

4. how often are you home?

Are you someone who travels often for work or other reasons? Frequent travel could affect what types of CBD products are best for you. CBD oil is best kept in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and maintain the integrity of the ingredients. Since heat may lead to the decomposition of many cannabinoids in CBD oil, it's best to avoid high temperatures, hence cooling it if traveling or only occasionally using it.

Additionally, there are other products such as CBD vapes, skin creams and capsules that don’t require a refrigerator, meaning you can use them pretty much anywhere you need to.

5. how important is taste?

If you’re specifically thinking about purchasing CBD oil, you should probably ask yourself if taste is important to you. Users can be split about the taste of CBD oil. Some love the taste, while others say they grow to like it over time. And, still, others can’t stand it. Since CBD oil is derived from hemp plants, it is often described as earthy, which can be an acquired taste for some.

Using the CBD oil on food or in drinks can also help disguise some of those earthy tones, as the full, hemp-like flavor can be masked. But if you’re really that concerned about taste, you can always choose another type of CBD product that doesn’t involve oral consumption at all.

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