what is micro-dosing and how should you do it with CBD?

One of the biggest challenges people have when they first start researching what CBD is figuring out exactly how much they should take. You probably know somebody who says CBD doesn’t do anything for them, and, chances are, it’s because they simply didn’t take a big enough dose. On the other hand, some people end up taking significantly more CBD than they need.

This is where micro-dosing CBD comes in, and we’re here to tell you all about it.

what is micro-dosing?

Now, we know that micro-dosing sounds like a pretty complex term, but it’s really not all that complicated. Micro-dosing is simply when you take the lowest possible dose of a substance, in this case, CBD, while still receiving therapeutic effects. However, finding the ideal amount of CBD that best suits your needs is going to take some effort and patience on your part.

how do you micro-dose cbd?

The goal is to find out exactly how many milligrams of CBD you need to take before you start to feel the effects. The easiest way to do this is by consuming CBD products that allow for precise dosage control. CBD tincture and oils are the best options when it comes to dialing in exact doses of CBD, because you alone determine how much CBD you’re getting in every drop.

The first thing you want to do is to find out how many milliliters of oil there is in the bottle of the CBD product. Once you identify that, you’ll want to find out what the concentration of CBD is. You'll find the CBD concentration listed in milligrams on the product packaging. A higher number means there's a higher concentration of CBD in the product. Pachamama’s CBD oils come in concentrations of 750mg and 1750mg.

Once you have all of your numbers, it’s time to pull out the calculator. All you need to do is divide the CBD concentration by the bottle size to find out how many milligrams of CBD there is in 1ml (in most cases, one drop of CBD oil from the included dropper is 1ml). For instance, if you bought a 30ml bottle of Pachamama’s Black Pepper Turmeric full spectrum CBD oil in the 750 mg concentration, then 1ml of oil would contain 25mg of CBD.

Once you know how much CBD is in a milliliter, it’s time to start experimenting to find out what is the right amount of CBD for you. To do this, start by placing a single drop of CBD oil under your tongue and take note of any effects you feel over the next two hours. We recommend writing your observations down, or keeping them in a memo on your phone, just so you can use for reference later.

If necessary, increase your dose to two drops of CBD oil the following day. Once you hit a point where adding any additional drop of CBD oil no longer increases the effects, you know you’ve found your sweet spot. Always use the smallest amount of CBD that produces the desired effects. And remember, CBD oil isn’t addictive, so experiment with what’s best for your body. 

why should you micro-dose cbd?

microdosing cbd

There are a few key reasons why you might want to consider micro-dosing CBD. The first is that more CBD isn’t necessarily better. In fact, according to Project CBD, the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids start to decline once you reach a certain threshold. This means that, in some cases, taking less CBD will actually yield better results than taking higher doses.

Another good reason to micro-dose CBD is because it empowers you to take full control of your CBD routine. Through micro-dosing, you discover how much CBD you need to help you with a variety of different symptoms. Maybe you only need 25mg to help you unwind at the end of the day, but you need 75mg to loosen your stiff muscles after a tough workout. Micro-dosing helps you figure those things out. And, because the concentration of CBD levels differs from product to product, knowing exactly how many milligrams of CBD you need means that you don’t have to start from scratch every time you want to try out a new CBD product.

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