here's why cbd affects people differently

Whether you regularly take CBD or not, you’ve probably heard a mixed bag in terms of how effective it may be. That’s because CBD affects people differently, as some find it helps get them energized, others use it for recovery and others prefer it to unwind. Additionally, some people may need to take a whole lot of CBD oil for it to be effective, while others may only need one or two drops. But does CBD really have different effects on different people?

The short answer is yes.

From subtle differences in our body’s to the specific amount of CBD a person takes, there are several factors as to why CBD affects people differently. So let’s look at some of the reasons why CBD doesn’t affect people the same way.

cbd and your body

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Regardless of your body type, things like weight and metabolism are directly related to how much CBD you need to take, as well as how quickly the effects will kick-in. In most cases, bigger people will need a little bit more CBD than their lighter counterparts. Fortunately, it’s perfectly safe to consume CBD in larger doses, so all you need to do is slowly increase the amount of CBD you consume each day until you find the right amount for you.

However, genes and the biochemistry of your body are also contributing factors as to why CBD affects people differently. For instance, around 20 percent of Americans may have a genetic mutation, which means they have higher levels of anandamide than other people. Anandamide is a compound naturally made in your body that has a calming and recentering effect, and it interacts with the same brain receptors that CBD does — meaning it may impact you as CBD does. If you’re one of these people who have naturally higher levels of anandamide, CBD will be less effective for you since the brain receptors that CBD would normally interact with are already busy with anandamide.

Even if you are one of these people, it doesn’t mean CBD won’t help you at all. It just means that CBD may be better suited towards helping you in other ways — like post-workout recovery, rather than for calming you down.

cbd may affect men and women differently

Gender is another reason why CBD affects people differently. In general, women don’t need as much CBD as men do to feel the effects. Plus, there is some indication that women may find CBD more beneficial than men for other reasons as well. The biggest reason? Women tend to experience the symptoms that CBD helps the most with more often than men do.

Products, Products, Products

The final variable in why CBD affects people differently comes down to the CBD products each of us likes to use. Rubbing a CBD infused balm on your sore muscles after a tough workout is going to provide targeted pain relief, but it probably won’t boost your creativity as well as taking a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue would.

Also, don’t forget that the quality and concentration of your CBD products matter, too. If the CBD products you use have very low CBD concentrations, they aren’t as likely to be as effective as ones with more CBD in them. On top of that, high-quality full spectrum CBD products that contain many of the other therapeutic compounds from the cannabis plant will always work better than products that contain CBD alone.

While it’s unavoidable that CBD is going to affect you differently than it does anyone else, the real takeaway here is that CBD can certainly help you. It might take a little bit of experimentation and patience before finding the right balance, but we’re confident you’ll find the right CBD routine for you.

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