how cbd can relieve post-quarantine stress

No living being is impervious to the events 2020 has bestowed upon us. All of which have shown us the unmistaken value in holding compassion for both the environment, and each other. Through everything, Mother Earth remains by our side, and just like her children, she is naturally strong, diverse and above all, adaptable. In fact, she's mastered adaptation so much, she's even provided us with plants to help us deal with all of the stressors brought on by modern society. 

As more of us transition back into the activities of our pre-quarantine lives, we may begin seeking out new ways to adapt to the changes that come with it. Whether you get your personal groove back by zoning in or zoning out, CBD is here to make sure you'll be able to effectively adapt alongside the ever-changing environment that surrounds you. 

Pachamama CBD From Mother Earth

3 ways cbd can help you strive through transitory periods

1. Ease into your day

If you’re making a transition from WFH life back to the 9-5 office schedule, try easing yourself in by working from home in the morning and finishing out the day from the office. Prep yourself for time in the office with a light serving of our Balance tincture. Containing one of Mother Earth's most powerful herbs for adapting to stress — holy basil. This tincture highlights CBD's natural ability to help your body maintain homeostasis.

2. Get help focusing

There's no denying how easy it is to get swept up in a 24-hour news cycle right now. While we always support staying informed on the state of the world around us, we must acknowledge the avail that comes from unplugging. To nurture your mind at this time, we have two nutrient-dense superfoods here to support you — goji and cacao.

We've infused these superfoods into our CBD as a way to highlight CBD's natural ability to nurture the mind and maintaining steady cognitive function throughout the day. To learn more about how nutrients the nutrients of goji and cacao benefit the brain, see our blog article here.

3. Stay connected with one another

If self-isolation taught us anything, it's just how nurturing connecting with one another can really be. So if you're feeling uneasy, know you’re not alone in your emotion. Consider opening up about how you feel with your colleagues. Chances are you may be able to relate and take some weight off each other's shoulders.

The body stays connected with the help of CBD by working on an internal level, connecting each of the body's systems together. It does this through communication with the body's endocannabinoid system — a network of receptors found throughout every one of your body's physiological systems.

want to learn more?

While these certainly aren't all the avenues CBD takes to help you adapt and stay balanced, we found them to be the most currently applicable. If you'd like to learn more about how CBD works on a physiological level within your body, see our blog post centered around the endocannabinoid system here.

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