the real reason no cbd companies talk about cbd strains

CBD strains are a big deal in the cannabis space. Brands spend years perfecting their signature strains, and most regular cannabis consumers have a few favorites they trust.

As crucial as CBD strains are, somewhat surprisingly, there is very little talk about CBD that comes from one farm and one single strain of plants. With so many great and celebrated CBD-rich cannabis strains out there, you’d think CBD brands would be much keener to work with the strains consumers know and love. So, why aren’t they? We help you understand.

what is a cbd strain?

Not all cannabis strains are the same, meaning there are hundreds of varieties out there. Think of cannabis strains like apple varieties; when you go to the local farmer's market to pick up some apples, you buy a specific kind of apple — maybe Fuji or Honeycrisp, for example. The same goes for when you buy cannabis from your local dispensary. The flower you get isn’t generic cannabis, but, instead, it’s strains like Blue Dream or Gelato. Each strain is bred for specific purposes, and has differing concentrations of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids.

if strains are such a big deal, why don’t cbd brands talk about them?

With how important strains are to the wider cannabis space, it might seem a little strange that almost none of the brands that produce CBD talk about which strains they use to make their products. Largely, this is because most CBD-makers either use a blend of strains from different farms or even a blend of different strains from the same farm when making their products. This means the companies can pump out more CBD faster than if they were using only a single strain, it also means they are compromising on the quality of the CBD. It’s a lot like how single-origin coffee is going to make a better cup than any blend you can pick up from the supermarket.

why pachamama can talk about strains

Pachamama prefers to do things the best way possible. To make the best CBD oils possible, we’ve committed to a single-strain, single-origin production process. That means all of our hemp comes from the same farmer, and each batch of product is made using a single strain of hemp. As our Chief Operating Officer Anthony Valentine explains, using single-origin, single-strain hemp allows us to make CBD products with exceedingly predictable effects.

“We feel that, in order to create a consistent and reliable product, you need to pay attention to details from the beginning,” says Anthony. “By starting with single-origin, single-strain hemp, we can guarantee the same product profile throughout each one of our tinctures.” The level of precision we get in our CBD products is drastically different than what you would get out of one that uses a bunch of different strains of hemp sourced from several farms.

“When you combine hemp that came from Kentucky and Oregon and Colorado, all in one bottle, your CBD products will be very inconsistent,” states Anthony. “You’ll have CBD that has a great effect one month, but the next month the effects aren’t quite the same, or the effects are altogether different.”
For consumers who rely on a product to help them each day, consistency is key. That’s why at Pachamama, we’re transparent about our CBD strains, leading us to confidently say our products will work just as well tomorrow as they did today.

Get perfectly consistent, single-strain, single-origin CBD, here.

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