the Bachelor's' tayshia adams reveals the 3 pachamama products she’s always got by her side

Whether you’re a reality TV junkie who’s watched The Bachelor, or just a fan of our Instagram, the name Tayshia Adams is probably familiar to you. As a friend and advocate of the Pachamama family, Tayshia has popped up on our Instagram stories over the past few months, even recently working with us on a giveaway for a lucky fan to get hooked up with a bunch of our products.

While Tayshia Adams might be a household name now — as evident by her more than 1.8m followers on her own Instagram — seeking fame wasn’t her objective when deciding to join The Bachelor. However, as her popularity grew, Tayshia began to feel the pressure of millions of eyeballs evaluating her every move. Why’d she wear that? How’d she handle being on the show? Who’s she dating now? It’s a lot for someone to handle.

Like most people, Tayshia found comfort in CBD, turning to Pachamama’s top-rated products as a relief to help improve her mood. Whether it was using Pachamama’s CBD to help with her busy travel schedule, for post-workout recovery or for mixing in some of her favorite foods, Tayshia Adams is one of many in Hollywood who have jumped aboard the CBD train — and she revealed the three Pachamama products she can’t live without.

1. the natural cbd tincture

tayshia adams cbd

“I think it’s a great foundation for anything you want to utilize it in. If it’s in the morning, there you go. If it’s midday — even if it’s at night, that’s fine. Unlike the Goji Cacao and the Green Tea Echinacea tinctures, The Natural doesn’t have any caffeine in it, so you can take it any time of the day. But also, it’s a good base for any flavorings you want to add to it. You can add it to any food.”

2. the relax cbd tincture with kava kava + valerian

cbd for skiing

“I also love using Kava Kava Valerian; which is my go-to when trying to sleep. It honestly puts me right to bed, and I don’t wake up groggy. I always sleep well — unlike with Melatonin or anything like that, which usually wakes me up in the middle of the night — this CBD Oil really puts me down.”

3. the balance cbd tincture with ylang ylang + holy basil

“I also have the Ylang Ylang tincture by me at all times, as it’s just really good to include into most everything. I sometimes put it in my smoothies. I could put it in my salad. I could put it in my yogurt with a little granola. I can take it by itself in the morning. It’s just the best, because you can build it on anything really.”

In addition to Tayshia Adams’ favorite products above, keep an eye out for a personalized beauty line with Pachamama to come in spring of 2020, as we’ve collaborated with her to provide everyday items for your morning routine.

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