how skiers can take in the benefits of cbd topicals

Winter’s still in full swing, meaning the slopes are open for business for a few more months. If you’re looking to ski any time in the near future, you should probably consider how CBD topicals can help improve the experience. CBD products are quickly becoming popular with any number of athletes. These products provide many benefits that help improve the actual physical activity or improve the recovery process. And skiing is no exception.

Perhaps the biggest way CBD can help skiers is by dealing with wear and tear incurred on the slopes. Even an experienced skier will likely get a few bumps and bruises, particularly if they’re pushing themselves with a harder course than they’re used to. But even without the falls, going down the mountains multiple times a day will lead to some soreness.

Many athletes take CBD to help deal with post-workout aches and pains. The body’s endocannabinoid system helps the body operate at maximum efficiency, which includes the recovery process. And taking CBD helps activate the endocannabinoid system. This is how taking CBD can help the recovery process.

Many CBD companies create products specifically to aid the recovery process. For instance, here at Pachama we sell an Icy Muscle Gel and a Pain Cream, which are both designed to help sore muscles and joints.

Another way CBD can help skiers is with sleep. It’s not often somebody goes skiing for just one day, and more often than not, will spend the whole weekend on the slopes. But if you’re unable to get a good night’s rest, you might not be able to enjoy your second day on the mountain as much as the first. Thankfully, you can rest easy with our kava kava valerian tincture.

There are many different ways that taking CBD can help a skier both prepare for a day on the slopes, while also assisting in recovering from the wear and tear on the slopes — you just need to find the right product for what you need.

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