da rulk's tips for maximizing your workout

Anyone who works out knows the difficulty it takes to fully maximize your effort. From being mentally tuned-in to physically pushing yourself, it takes effort to get the most out of gym time. It’s part of the reason why many of us partake in group classes or hire a personal trainer — because those people motivate us to push ourselves, providing a voice of determination to reach our target goals.

One of the best personal trainers on the planet is a man named Joseph Sakoda, aka Da Rulk. He is a trusted source in the fitness space having worked with UFC fighters, celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and many athletes, as well as training Navy SEALs and SWAT team members. So, he knows a thing or two about maximizing a workout.

Da Rulk’s background in kinesiology and biomechanics has helped him develop a functional training program called Raw Functional Training (RFT), which provides a high-intensity workout without specific equipment; or even a gym! Talk about efficiency, right?

Recently discovering the power of CBD, Rulk has teamed up with Pachamama to provide inspiration and tips in order to maximize your workout. Sure, we might not be able to promise a one-on-one session with him to push you to hit your fitness goals, but we did ask him some ways in which you can get the most out of the time spent getting your sweat on — and how to incorporate some of Pachamama’s award-winning CBD products into it all.

a chat with da rulk

Da Rulk

OK, what's the secret to Da Rulk maximizing his workout?
“Unfortunately, there is no real secret. I just try and remain focused and committed to the process. I also make sure that I incorporate warm up and recovery protocol as a part of every training session.”

How does Pachamama CBD factor into that?
“Pachamama CBD is a core element of my training recovery protocol and overall daily wellness regimen. It supports my mental balance and helps manage my post-workout inflammation.”

When did you start using CBD to improve your workout and/or recovery?
“I had started testing a few different CBD products after conducting my own research into the science of brain chemistry as it pertains to neurological and physiological effects of CBD supplementation.”

For someone unfamiliar with the benefits of using CBD, how would you ease their mind?
“It is a safe and holistic supplement that can greatly support brain health, exercise-induced pain and overall wellness. There are an abundance of studies now available illustrating these points of information. I encourage everyone to research independently. My only recommendation would be to focus on the purity, origin and extraction/formulation process to ensure that they are utilizing the highest quality product possible.”

What's the biggest mistake people make when starting a workout regimen?
“I feel that the biggest mistake is that they don’t define their purpose. Purpose is our internal GPS that enables us to maintain the necessary discipline and commitment to achieve our goals.”

If you could eat one meal after a workout, what would it be and why?
“I love having an Açaí bowl with no processed sugars.”

What's the worst food to eat after a workout?
“I try to avoid processed foods. I think that eating a well-balanced and clean meal after training is very beneficial because our bodies are looking to replenish the nutrients lost during training; which helps us achieve the best level of recovery possible.”

Lastly, is there a unique way you mix CBD into meals like smoothies or protein-packed dishes?
“I love adding Pachamama CBD into my morning and post-training smoothies. It is not broken down with the heat, and I feel my body is able to absorb it much more effectively.”

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