pachamama cbd custom ski collaboration with folsom skis

PACHAMAMA is a Denver company. Our roots are in the mountains with our hearts being on the slopes. With the 2019-2020 ski season being our first as a collective group, we thought it would be fitting to launch limited-edition custom skis made by our friends and neighbors at Folsom Skis. 

Why Folsom
Folsom shares the same desires we do to create sustainably while working to stimulate the local economy. 95% of the components in their skis are sourced from the US, with the wood coming from a local Colorado distributor. From streamlined processes to reduce waste, to not using lacquers, topcoats, or silkscreen inks because of their toxic composition—Folsom is doing things right and piling up awards along the way.

“we are proud to be able to work with a fellow Denver-based company. Pachamama was easy to work with because they had a vision for the skis and were fantastic at communicating that vision in a way we could interpret, to create product for them." 
-Joel Ives, Folsom Skis. 

The Internal
The design of the skis introduces next-level engineering. From the inside out, we wanted it to be an all-mountain titan that could tackle anything from groomers to powder with precision. Folsom did just that by creating a ski that transforms the entire mountain into a private playground. Rocker, taper, and camber provide the total package for skiing any type of snow.

The External
Being able to design the top sheet artwork based on our award-winning branding was truly a dream for our team. “We designed the top sheet of the skis using our mother earth design because she’s the best representation of Pachamama and something that can be found throughout our brand identity,” said our Digital Marketing Manager, Olivia Miller.

olivia miller cbd

A CBD and Ski Home Run
As expected we are thrilled to be working with a company like Folsom. If you’re in the market for some skis—look no further than these guys. If you’re looking for a CBD athletic rub to have a crack at your knees, shoulders, shins and more this winter—check out our purity awarded CBD topicals.


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