An Interview with Jiu-Jitsu Legend Royce Gracie

Royce Gracie is one of the most influential figures in MMA history. So, when the semi-retired UFC Hall of Famer gives advice about fighting, people listen. It makes sense, then, that the man who knows a thing or two about inflicting pain might also be an expert on healing, right? We think so.

In this exclusive interview, the 53-year-old MMA legend discusses how he found out about the benefits of CBD and Pachamama.

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"Recovery is so important," Gracie stresses. "I consider sleeping an important part of my training. That's where Pachamama comes in."

Along with ice baths and eating healthy, Pachamama is a huge part of the recovery process for the retired MMA star and his son, Khonry. Both Gracie and his 22-year-old offspring take Pachamama products for recovery. The younger Gracie uses the athletic rub to soothe sore muscles.

"When I work out," Gracie explains, "and I train, and practice, and bike to martial arts and running to lifting weights. Some of the time I work out from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep. I have an active day. So inflammation happens a lot. That's where Pachamama comes in."

Gracie even instructs his masseuse to use the Pachamama cream during post-training rubdowns.

Both fighters have found that unlike other creams, rubs, and ointments, the pain doesn't come back once the balm dries. The Pachamama athletic rub lasts longer to heal sore joints, ligaments, and muscles. Gracie isn't just in love with the products here at Pachamama; he also loves the people involved with the company.

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"The people are family. They're there to take care of one another."

Gracie feels there's a strong undercurrent of loyalty and respect in the company, and he lives by the core values of loyalty and respect and teaches it to his children and students. In closing, Gracie's reason for incorporating Pachamama CBD products into his workout is simple.

"If you're going to use something, you should use the best."

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If he could, Gracie would turn back the hands of time to use Pachamama CBD products in his younger days.

"How come it took you guys so long to come to the market?!"


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