we took cbd before going skiing... and the results were epic

“I’ll use CBD on my lower back after a good run. Let’s see how the tincture feels while I’m actually out there.” Brandon Stump, co-founder, Pachamama CBD

Brandon’s first interaction with CBD came around over a decade ago, after using CBD on his ankle after an injury playing basketball. A moderate injury that normally would take 6-12 weeks to recover from, Brandon was back on the court within 2 weeks.

“I can’t imagine not having CBD in my prep and recovery regimens, I’m always twisting an ankle, or straining a muscle I didn’t know I even had ‘till it hurt.”, he laughs.

Last year, Brandon’s words got us thinking. Sure, CBD is now widely known and loved by active individuals as part of their athletic recovery. And we have a lotta love for Pachamama Athletic Rub, Icy Muscle Gel, and Pain Cream. But as we all gathered for a weekend on the slopes, Allyson Tovar, Pachamama Copywriter & Educator decided to test the waters, with Brandon’s words as her inspiration.

“I took a dropper of Recover and said ‘Let’s do this.’”, she laughed.

Pachamama Recover tincture contains trace amounts of caffeine, with Echinacea Root to support brain function and blood flow, making it one of our top-picks prior to your athletic endeavor.

is cbd strictly for recovery?

It may sound like a bold move. But after all, what is there to discover if we’re not willing to take calculated risks from time to time?

Many people use CBD to relieve body+muscle aches, and support levels of inflammation in the body post-exercise. But taking it before you hit the slopes, gym, or trails may just have a drastic impact on your performance and mood, too.

Don’t fret about the “high”. The CBD molecule does not produce any psychoactive effects because it is so low in THC, the compound that actually produces the high. Do pay attention to the ingredients in the CBD product you choose, as some Pachamama products contain adaptogenic herbs that promote relaxation. Unless you choose to chill and snooze on the slopes-- that’s totally your prerogative. 

clarity, focus, and peak performance (pun intended)

Allyson took her CBD 1 hour before making the drive up to the mountains. As a novice skier, it’s not uncommon to feel beginner’s jitters, especially when the large peaks are staring back at you, and appearing larger and larger the closer you get.

“I think I’ve only been skiing once before that weekend. It could’ve gone better. I was tense and nervous and so focused on trying not to fall that I struggled to relax and enjoy my time.”

“I believe it was the combination of having that past experience and taking the CBD before the drive that eased and cleared my mind. CBD helps with occasional nervousness, but I was still surprised, and in a bit of disbelief that I could only feel excitement and grounded.”

Chris Harris, Pachamama Sr. Marketing Manager, prepped with the Detox tincture before his trip, too. “I’m used to taking some form of caffeine before anything active”, Chris says. “I figured, since I’m not normally big on coffee in the morning, and taking CBD has helped me significantly with focus and mental-clarity, why not give it a go before we ski?”

“And that’s exactly what I felt. Getting out of bed at 5:30 in the morning on a Saturday isn’t the easiest thing to do, but the closer I got to the mountains, the more it felt like I was coming back into my body, and feeling more alert. I had this feeling of, ‘Yeah.. today’s going to be a good one.’ ”

before vs. after: the best time for athletes to take cbd

“Overall, it was an incredible time”, adds Allyson. “Would it have been just as great if I didn’t prep with CBD before skiing? Most likely. The difference I felt in the sense of where my mind was at made all of the difference, though.”

“All of the thoughts I had the first time skiing that kind-of took me away from what I was actually doing didn’t interfere this go-around. I felt like my body and mind were in complete harmony, and after a couple of hours, I really think I was getting pretty good”, laughs Allyson. “Not to mention, the Recover tincture does support immunity with antioxidants, polyphenols, and an increase in white blood cells. Hours in sub-zero climates will definitely put some at-risk, and I felt better knowing I had my CBD as my immunity-insurance.”

Chris enjoyed his time on the slopes, too. And the reduction in inflammation he experienced that day carried over throughput 2020, where he’s made CBD a gym-bag essential. “I tore my ACL in 2009, and I definitely deal with lingering pain from time to time, especially when I’m involved in high-demand sport.” “CBD has helped me, physically and mentally, to get back into the active lifestyle that I grew up loving. That day the team went skiing-- worrying about my knee, lacking motivation to just have a good time and get my heart pumping--none of it bothered me at all. Some days will be better than others, we’re human, but when I need that extra push, I take a serving before I go, and it’s really changed the game for me.”

olympian or movement-enthusiast, cbd can benefit all

Hey, we won’t compare ourselves to pro-athletes like Gabby Douglas or Royce Gracie, but we believe it’s definitely saying something about the benefits of CBD if the pros have made it a staple in their own pain relief and athletic recovery routine. While regulations and restrictions do remain in the world of sport, we are hopeful for the future of nationwide legalization.

Finding the perfect CBD products for athletes can be a tough hurdle if you’re new to CBD itself. Take our Product Finder Quiz, created by our industry-leading experts to find the best CBD product for you.


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