our origins are deeply rooted

Pachamama CBD is the product of our CEO and co-founder, Brandon Stump's journey of healing from life with addiction.

In company of our CFO and co-founder, Ryan Stump, once Brandon overcame addiction, they created environments for men and women recovering from addiction. Since 2008, The Buckeye Recovery Network has successfully helped more than 10,000 lives of those who make a promise to themselves to overcome addiction and establish a foundation for a prosperous life. Brandon learned early on in his sobriety that isolation is both triggering and detrimental to forward progress.

That's why The Buckeye Recovery Network remains a tight-knit community of people  who remind each other of their greater purpose. 

the transformational discovery

Like many who initially discover CBD, Brandon didn’t quite understand this medicinal plant compound at the start. Committed to a life of sobriety, he wanted to steer clear of anything that would induce a physical or psychological high.

After tearing 2 ligaments while playing basketball, he made the decision to research the three-letter acronym that had seemingly been dropping into his intuition for months. His initial use was of a topical salve, which drastically reduced his pain, and allowed him to get back on the court just 2 weeks later. Through his own positive experience, he decided to dig deeper into the therapeutic value of CBD and quickly saw the need for clean and dependable products in the market. That's when he decided he would be the one to create them. 


Building this brand was a slow and passion-driven process. During the beginning stages of product development, Brandon and a few of his closest friends were on holiday in Bali.

While in discussion with a woman native to the island, Pachamama became new vocabulary to Brandon. Inquiring for the meaning of the word, she had explained Pachamama is a Peruvian term that quite literally translates to “Mother-Earth”. With one quick glance over to his crew, Brandon knew, “That’s it. That’s it, right there.”

“Pachamama” pulled everything together, and this vacation became a time of inspiration Brandon would never forget. Uncommon cuisine for the standard American diet, Bali is home to some of the highest-vibrational and nutrient-dense superfoods on the planet. During his trip, Brandon consumed cacao and fruit fresh-picked from the trees of the island, wondering why these treasures were not yet popular and available back in the states. It was this experience that inspired our superfood-infused CBD tinctures that would set Pachamama apart from anything that has ever been crafted with CBD before.  

pachamama for all

Pachamama is revered as a divine goddess to the indigenous Andean culture, and is infinitely fertile, supplying all with rich crops, generosity and natural abundance. She is known to be a figure of great power and benevolent strength. And so naturally, we could not imagine a trademark with greater resonance.

Single-origin, air-extracted CBD has never been harnessed by any other brand before, and it certainly wasn’t a simple process in the early stages. It’s easy to market products that claim this and that, with flavorings and sweeteners attempting to make up for lack of potency and purity.

Our Clean Label Project Purity Award is by far our proudest accomplishment. It was only a couple of years ago when the Clean Label Project conducted a study analyzing the CBD industry. The results were clear, as they called out brands left and right for selling CBD tinctures containing high concentrations of toxic chemicals such as lead, and low concentrations of cannabidiol. We personally reached out, in the hopes of their authentic feedback, so we could help consumers understand the difference in CBD with integrity.

They came back to us and said, “Pachamama is the purest CBD we have ever tested.” , and we were honored to accept the Clean Label Project’s Purity Award. In a highly saturated market, Pachamama was one of only three CBD brands to be awarded for quality and purity.

and we're not done yet...

The world is changing. Mother-Earth is healing, and with the help and support of plants and communities of heart-driven people, we’re more excited than ever before to continue our quest, providing top-quality CBD to the public, nationwide.

We understand that in order to live a fruitful and fulfilling life, we must commit ourselves to growth and evolution, and keep our vision clear for a future that is both bright, yet wildly unpredictable. We have some exciting new projects and products to share with our family in 2021, and we sincerely want to thank each and every single one of our customers for your loyalty and support. You are the backbone of the Pachamama brand and the reason why we continue in irrefutable pursuit of providing products for greater health.

To Health, Wellness, and Humanity,
Pachamama CBD


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