CBN + Melatonin = the perfect natural sleep aid

You’ve heard us rave time and time again about the benefits of CBD for a restful night of sleep. In fact, Pachamama Relax (Kava Kava + Valerian) is jam-packed with all-natural herbs and 25mg of full-spectrum CBD to ease you into sound sleep, without morning drowsiness or psychoactive high.

Sleep is crucial to, well… function well as a human being. And not getting enough rest may increase stress, lead to excess weight gain, suppress healthy hormone function, and compromise the immune system. In light of the global health crisis in the past year, these all are certainly things we must all be conscientious about, and find ways to avoid.

Before we had easy access to a variety of pharmaceuticals, we relied on the power of herbs and plant extracts as solutions for specific health concerns. Historically, Melatonin has been touted to be very useful as natural sleep support. And as you may have seen on your natural health food store shelves, Elderberry supports healthy immune function.

Pachamama has heard these sleep concerns loud and clear. In 2021, we’re extremely excited to bring all of you a cannabinoid sleep treat containing CBD, CBN, Melatonin & Elderberry. But for those who have just begun supporting your endocannabinoid systems with CBD, you might be wary to trust and try this combination for yourself.

To fully understand the potential benefits of this combination, we’ll start off by breaking down what Melatonin and the compound CBN are, and how they work synergistically to help you fall and stay asleep, naturally. 

what melatonin is + how it induces sleep

Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced in the human body and regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Many people who supplement with melatonin will use this sleep support short term, likely during a spell of high stress or through a period of insomnia. Melatonin does not act as a tranquilizer, and it won’t make you crash. Instead, it acts as a messenger to tell your brain it’s time to rest and relax. 

cbn and cbd's compatibility with melatonin

To fully grasp the differences between the CBD and CBN compounds, read more on CBN in the article here.

CBN is the direct by-product of decayed THC, as the high-inducing drug has already expired. CBN and CBD are both derived from the cannabis plant, and we just like to consider them as fraternal twins.

Knowing both CBN and melatonin are beneficial for restful sleep, is it safe to take the two together?

Yes. But one must be careful about taking the specific, correct dosing in order to get the result just right. Luckily, Pachamama’s done this work for you, with our industry-leading, expert-developed CBN Sleep Gummies. Each gummy is perfectly dosed, containing 4mg  of CBN and 2mg of Melatonin.

Both compounds are harnessed in their most bioavailable form, with CBN/CBD extracted for the highest potency and purity. We suggest taking one gummy 1-2 hours prior to sleep, so your body has enough time to break each ingredient down, and help calm and relax your mind and body. Over time and with regular use, Sleep Well will help to regulate your sleep cycle, reduce overall stress, and provide ongoing support for a healthy immune system.

Ready for some sweet dreams?
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