3 ways to make 2021 your total comeback year

2020 has been funky, to say the least, friends.

From career stress, to the rise in concern for one’s health, shifts in eating habits, global uncertainties, and far beyond,-- it’s safe to say we have all faced challenges beyond the norm in 2020.

At Pachamama, we believe optimism goes a very, very long way. While things may reach heightened turbulence on the outside, a mind that affirms positivity and hope for better days works much more to your advantage than allowing the negativity to take control. So, if your mind has run a mile-a-minute, or you’ve fallen a bit off from an ever-forward, progressive mentality, you’re not alone.

When things don’t go according to plan, that’s when it’s time to turn to the natural wisdom and intelligence within. As we transition out of 2020 into 2021, we realize now that nothing is promised, but opportunity, growth, and prosperity remain highly-attainable with these 3 fundamental strategies. Read on, and ring on the New Year with renewed hope, and an initial step in the direction of better days. 

1. set bite-sized goals

We, as a human race, are magnificent. We dream big, and hold ourselves to achieving goals to bring us to that next level when it comes to career, fitness, finances, and far beyond. Whether New Years’ resolutions have ever been your cup of tea, or a firm “no”, goal-setting is crucial throughout any time of the year to keep you on track and grounded in the desire for constant progression.

While this year, goals may need to shift just a little bit to accommodate travel restrictions and nationwide guidelines, there has arguably never been a better time to focus on self-improvement and learning new skills. Smaller goals, like organization or incorporating more immune-supporting foods into your diet, are much easier to tackle and accomplish than large-scale goals, which may be impacted by situations out of our control. While we still encourage those larger goals, having those “bite-sized” goals to start with build-back momentum, and allow you to keep it going should larger goals be impacted by external factors.

Self-reflection is essential if you’re not sure where to start in your journey towards a better 2021. Ask yourself, or better yet, journal about the past year, what has made you happy or unhappy, what you have learned in light of the global pandemic, and what really holds authentic significance in your life now. 

2. expect less, give more

Yes, yes, this one here may sound cliche to some, but the fundamentals are incredibly true.

Navigating through the conversation of New Year’s resolutions is tricky, as it’s always optimal to aim high and set new goals. However, certain expectations that when not achieved, may ultimately lead to a more negative state-of-mind than one had before creating these resolutions. It may not be realistic to be positive at all times, but optimism is available at all times, in abundance. While you may have temporary moments of self-doubt and negativity, optimism is the consistent cheerleader to remind you that better days lie ahead-- and that ultimately you are the one in the driver’s seat when it comes to the future that is in store for you.

Optimism allows us to be proactive in the face of challenge and adversity, completely foregoing a victim or defeatist mentality that is toxic to mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Gratitude is the attitude when it comes to turning less-ideal situations around in 2021. Although things may not have gone in a way we would have liked them to, when we practice gratitude for what we do have, and what is going well, we foster a space of inner peace, and an ability to let go of unnecessary stress. 

3. make it personal

Many of us may have had to spend much more time alone, or in self-reflection throughout 2020. Given the stimulus of the world outside of our homes, this has meant making personal time to relieve occasional stress is a non-negotiable going forward. Certain superfoods and adaptogenic herbs are incredibly powerful to bring the body and the mind back to balance. As CBD is beneficial for the same reasons and more-- from achieving a restful night of sleep to improving mental clarity and more.

Accountability is extremely important whenever we are looking to make positive changes in our lives. However, there is a very fine line between accountability and extremism. Extremism easily turns into negative self-talk when one doesn’t reach a certain goal, or things don’t turn out as planned. Instead, challenge yourself to become highly aware of your internal dialogue and emotions at all points in time. 

Circling back to the point of natural intelligence, when we pay close attention to how we feel and how we speak to ourselves, we can make some pretty massive (positive) changes in our lives. If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “Thoughts become things”, you’ll know this to be true. Everything that ever was or wasn’t started with a thought. And thoughts, whether perceived good or bad, are usually the result of how we are feeling at any given moment.

Need some good news? Regardless of the situations themselves, we do have the freedom to choose how we feel, and the power to redirect negative thought patterns to stay in alignment with our goals and desires. And as funky as 2020 may have been, the power that we all have to envision and create a better year in 2021 is like, way funkier.

Overwhelmed, or just need a little help? That’s what friends are for.

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