we asked the clean label project to test our products... here's what they found

At Pachamama, we’re devoted to correctly labeling and informing our community about what they’re putting into their bodies. So when we found out about a non-profit that was testing CBD products to see if their labeling methods were accurate, we took the extra step to send our products to them to see how we stack up. We were definitely pleased with the results.

The Clean Label Project is a national non-profit devoted to increasing transparency in consumer product labeling. As part of their efforts, they will purchase hundreds of products in a specific category and test them for different contaminants that could possibly harm a potential customer.

In 2019, the Clean Label Project conducted a massive study of the best-selling CBD products on the market today. They tested over 200 total CBD products for heavy metals such as lead and arsenic, pesticides and phthalates (chemicals which help make plastic more bendable).

In their study, the Clean Label Project found that the top-10 CBD brands averaged 34 parts per billion of lead. To put that in perspective, the water in Flint, Michigan during their water crisis averaged around 23 parts per billion of lead. The Clean Label Project also found that 30 percent of the products they tested had CBD levels that were at least 20 percent off from what they advertised. So if a product claimed to have 100 milligrams of CBD, 30 percent had either 80 milligrams or less, or 120 milligrams or more, instead.

After finding out about the Clean Label Project’s study, we sent our products to the organization to see how we measured up with the competition. Clean Label Project tested our CBD products and found that our results were some of the best they saw in terms of lack of contaminants and accurate labeling. As a result, the Clean Label Project rewarded us with one of their Purity Awards.

“a Purity award means that Pachamama is in the top 30 percent,” says Jackie Bowen, executive director of the Clean Label Project.

“It means they have among the lowest amounts of heavy metals, phthalates and they’re consistent about the accuracy of their CBD labeling. By winning a Purity award, it means Pachamama delivered on their promise of transparency.”

Bowen noted that she wasn’t surprised that Pachamama received a Purity Award after learning more about the company. She noted that, in all industries, whether it’s CBD, baby food or others, brands that are heavily involved in all aspects of manufacturing a product tend to produce more high-quality results.

“Brands that have a relationship with their farmers, that are involved in the manufacturing, that are involved in the processing, generally have a higher quality finished product,” says Bowen. “They’re intimately involved all the way through production and stay involved to make sure they maintain that high level of consistency and quality all the way through.”

Here at Pachamama, we source all of our hemp from a single farm in Colorado to ensure our products have the kind of consistency that Bowen’s describing. So, when you read about our dedication to high-quality products and transparency, you can be sure to know that we’re not just all talk. We have the Clean Label Project’s Purity Award to validate it.

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