CBD + Green Tea Pore-Clearing Mask: DIY Gifting 2020

Green tea is one of the world’s most powerful superfoods.

Whether sipping it from a cup or mixing it into DIY facial treatments, this ancient superfood staple is guaranteed to be a gift of health you can easily provide to your loved ones.

It is believed that Geishas in ancient Japanese culture used green tea as a staple in their beauty rituals.

Now, we’re going to help you bring it into your own modern-day health-care regimen.

Any skin type, tone, or texture can reap the benefits of a soothing green tea mask. However, acne and redness-prone skin may find more significant results.


Research has shown the polyphenols and antioxidants found in green tea leaves help to reduce sebum secretion — which typically leads to inflammation and acne — when applied to the skin. In addition, CBD oil may help to alleviate minor skin irritations and relieve tight, dry, cracking skin.

This Green Tea Pore-Clearing Mask recipe is a balancing formula that clears congestion from pores while ensuring the skin’s barrier stays hydrated and strong through cold, winter months.

If gifting this mask, we recommend jotting in your holiday note that this gentle treatment can be used up to 1-3 times per week.


  • 1 ½ tsp loose-leaf or ¾ matcha green tea 
  • ½ tsp organic honey
  • 1 serving of our Recover Tincture (750mg CBD strength)
  • Water to consistency

And follow using this method:

1. Add all ingredients to a medium-sized bowl, starting with the green tea, and ending with water.

2. Whisk or stir until all ingredients blend well together.

3. Store in a small mason jar or an empty container of your choosing

hold the phone... what's echinacea?

The CBD Oil tincture used in this recipe contains Echinacea Flower Extract.

Echinacea is pore-friendly and even helps to gently exfoliate and lift away dead skin cells with mild phagocytosis or flower-acid exfoliant properties. It is also quite high in protective antioxidants, strengthening skin when presented with harsh winter weather.

Remember, stress plays a major role as well in the health of the skin. With excess stress hormones buzzing in the body, you and your loved ones are at a much higher risk to see breakouts and dryness on the skin.

While the combo of CBD + Green Tea and Echinacea in this recipe will certainly help to calm and balance the skin, we believe oral supplementation is just as important.

To make the holidays a little extra special, (and a little less stressful) for the ones you love most, consider including our Green Tea Echinacea tincture alongside this soothing mask.

If you’re gifting to this mask to someone new to CBD, consider our CBD Variety Pack as an add-on instead of the Recover tincture. This sample pack comes with a single-use, pre-measured dose of each one of our herbally-infused CBD tinctures, making it simple for one to intuitively choose which tincture works in greatest synergy with their unique needs and desires.


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