what is a cbd yoga class like? 

CBD yoga classes are similar to normal yoga classes, but attendees are encouraged to take a CBD product right before the class, which can improve the experience. Once a person takes the CBD, they then take part in a normal yoga class, with varying levels for users — ranging from advanced yogis to beginners. As CBD becomes more popular in the United States, so, too, are CBD yoga classes.

CBD yoga teachers aren’t just yoga experts. They’re usually regular CBD users who can provide insights and guidance to beginners and explain what products to try. They can also tell participants what types of products to look out for, and can typically give recommendations for local retailers or brands to purchase.

how does cbd help with yoga?

So, what’s the point of taking CBD before a yoga class? Well, there are many reasons. One is because a person attending the class may experience joint or other kinds of exercise-related pain that could make practicing yoga difficult. By taking CBD beforehand, the participant will hopefully experience relief that will allow them to enjoy the class fully.

Another reason is relaxation. Research shows that the entourage effect has helped promote restoration of balance in the mind and body. Yoga is meant to help people relax and experience relief from daily worries and stresses. Don’t just assume that doing CBD yoga will immediately wash away those stresses, though. 

what kind of cbd should you take?

Different types of CBD will affect users in different ways. Some products will take effect immediately, and users will feel the results when the class begins. Others will take longer, and may not take effect until the class is almost over. Some products are better for recovery, while others are better for relaxation.

It’s also important to consider how you’re ingesting the CBD. Taking a CBD tincture like our Black Pepper Turmeric below the tongue will be quickly absorbed and a person will feel the impact almost immediately. However, putting the drops on food will take longer, as they need to be digested.

Many people take yoga to help with joint pain. If that’s why you’re interested, you may want to look into skin creams or CBD topicals like Pachamama’s Icy Muscle Gel that can be applied directly to joints to help provide relief. This is the perfect example of how CBD and yoga together can help benefit people with certain issues

don't just wait for class

Several experts note that some people will take CBD only right before or after a yoga class and claim they don’t experience any improvements. CBD isn’t meant for one-time use. Like with yoga, making CBD a regular part of your long-term routine leads to the benefits. It’s about creating regular habits that lead to improvements.

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