flying high, staying sober: my personal ode to PACHAMAMA

My life for the past 9 months has taken a complete 180.

There are points in my day sometimes where I reflect on my life’s past, and it feels like a past life. And while nothing is perfect, (and frankly, I’m so glad it’s not), I can say with confidence that I’m feeling more and more at home in my body every day. Using PACHAMAMA’s Ylang-Ylang + Holy Basil was one of the first initiatives I took to start this ongoing, transformative journey.

CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from the hemp, has been changing the way millions of people approach holistic health. And as a woman, I’ve kind of seen-it-all, done-it-all when it comes to struggling to stay in good health, and treating health issues.
As one among millions, I’ve struggled with anxiety from a very young age. As I grew older, hormonal imbalances began to manifest, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome came into my reality. Along with the signature hormonal issues, PCOS affects several glandular systems, from the adrenals to the nervous system, and insulin resistance.

With the ability to alleviate symptoms from dozens of conditions including nervousness, inflammation, nausea, migraines, sleep disorders and more, CBD may offer support to women struggling with their physical and emotional well-being, and help alleviate some of the traditional unique symptoms our body experiences such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), hormonal imbalance, and cramps. 

the ultimate discovery

I came across PACHAMAMA during one of my trips out to Boulder, when I passed by a neat little CBD marketplace, a tiny shop home to hundreds of CBD goodies. Funky, right?

I knew for myself that exploring alternative medicine would have to be an intuitive path. I didn’t want too much help in my selection from the shopkeeper, and I began to just let my eyes wander. It wasn’t long before the bright label, funky text, and adaptogenic herb caught my eye.

Her name was Ylang-Ylang Holy Basil. And I immediately knew she was different.

At the time, I was seeing a naturopathic physician, and I had the gist on some Chinese herbal medicines and adaptogenic herbs. I was taking adrenal support which contained Holy Basil, and despite my hesitations when it came to CBD, my infatuation with adaptogens piqued my curiosity and gave me some confidence to further explore what PACHAMAMA had to offer.

I looked at the array of tinctures on the shelf, and immediately felt a sense of trust, being highly impressed with transparent labeling and the use of adaptogens in these tinctures.

“Holy Basil? Ah, I know this one works to restore the adrenals and bring back balance.”

“Turmeric? Great for exercise-induced inflammation.”

“Goji + Cacao? Could I trust myself not to drink it?”

Naturally, I chose Ylang-Ylang Holy Basil, and left the shop with a sense of dignity and excitement. This would not be the first time I would try CBD, but given my daily exhaustion, nervousness followed by deep sadness, and chronic bloating, I was willing to give it another go. If nothing else prevailed, a little more Holy Basil and mood support from the Ylang-Ylang certainly wouldn’t hurt. 

Consistency and Repetition are a Recipe for Results

I’ll confess: I’m a very impatient person.

I’m never one to rush or demand from others, but when it comes to doing things myself, or waiting to see results, I have a hard time shutting down the, “I guess it doesn’t work after one try” banter in my mind.

But I had to remind myself of the importance of my health, and the significance this product may have in my healing journey. And I knew that rushing the process would only throw me back into the loop of creating more stress for myself, and on my body.

After all, CBD and the endocannabinoid system have their own natural intelligence. I knew that pumping more cortisol through my body by stressing the result would manifest my own total failure.

So I started low, and went slow. 1 serving in the morning, when I typically feel... not so glam. My own unique case brought about instant gratification: after 3 days, I cut my morning coffee intake in half. This was HUGE. If I’m vulnerably honest, I was consuming 32oz. Within the first hour of my day for a good 6 months, just to muster enough energy to roll out of bed and get ready for work. I knew the turmoil this was causing inside, but I was choosing to prolong caring for my compromised health in order to make rent. I believe the initial cutback came from an alternative solution. I could allow my mind 60 seconds of stillness while I held the tincture under my tongue.

After 2 weeks, I was down to 2 cups in the morning, and 2 servings of Ylang-Ylang Holy Basil throughout the day. Mental-sharpness made present throughout my day at work, and I knew this was just the beginning. Since CBD supports the bodies response to stress, I began to feel like I could take on, and handle more strenuous tasks, and a more peaceful state of mind helped me slow down my constantly buzzing thoughts, to connect deeper to who I really am beneath the health issues that have masked my authentic state for years now. Despite my naturopath suggesting to me several months prior, I chose to walk away from my job in an incredibly high-stress environment and to pursue the career path that aligned with my authentic passions, and my college education.

magic may not exist… but this was pretty close

Now, of course, I’m not suggesting you quit your job, or that CBD will make as significant of an impact on your life as it did on mine. But I think one thing we must all consider when exploring CBD is where we’re coming from when we begin with it, and what our primary desire is to gain from its use.

My own healing path is not linear and is still a journey in motion. And no matter where you’re coming from, you must consider CBD for its long-term health and regulatory benefits, especially if you are using it to support the process of healing your body.

I’m grateful for the day I chose PACHAMAMA CBD. Not only because the bottle was pretty, or because of its single-origin strain and pure potency. But because the day I chose PACHAMAMA, was the day I also chose myself, the path to better health, and fully trusting my inner voice. 

written by brianna dyer

Brianna Dyer is a freelance copywriter and content creator with over 5 years of experience. She specializes in creating conversational content and crafting brand stories that are authentic, and provoke the audience to lean in a little bit closer and stick around for years. You can find her lost & barefoot in the Rocky Mountains, or doing arts & crafts right on her kitchen floor. 


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