award-winning wellness products now more accessible for all

we created Pachamama with a mission to change as many lives as possible.

Since we launched, the hemp industry has matured, causing the price of hemp to decrease. Rather than keeping those savings for ourselves, we made the decision to pass the savings onto our customers. Making our products more accessible to all that want to experience the therapeutic benefits of hemp.

we’ve lowered the prices of our entire product line.

The same products, still using single origin USDA organic hemp

The Nature of Healing

Over the past year, we have donated over $30,000 in product to those in need. We have also introduced discounted pricing for first-responders, veterans, and those with extenuating health conditions.

quality is Everything

To learn more about our single-origin practices, air extraction process, infused ingredients, and awards, head over to our Education page.

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One of my greatest frustrations with the hemp industry has been the lack of affordable, but quality CBD products. The price of hemp has drastically decreased over the past year and a half, which decreased the cost of our supply chain. We saw this as a unique opportunity to pass those savings along to our customers.

brandon stump, ceo