cbd for intimacy

Tap into a deeper range of intimacy with yourself, and your partner.

Enjoy organic, award-winning CBD crafted to relax your body and your mind.

If you haven't used CBD in the bedroom yet, now is the time. With so much going on in the world that we can't control, it's time we take our pleasures into our own hands.  Whether on your own, or with a partner, using  CBD for intimacy can help calm your nerves and enhance your pleasure.  CBD oil can be used internally for an overall sense of relaxation, and it is also safe to use topically as a lubricant to enhance sensation.  If using topically, we recommend starting low and slow.

For example, try using 1 serving of our aphrodisiac blend (750mg strength) combined with about 2 TBSP of coconut oil or a body-safe carrier oil of your choice. 

our aphrodisiac blend

A balancing blend of ylang ylang, holy basil, and CBD to help nurture an overall sense of harmony throughout your body and mind. 

"With all of the stress I've been carrying lately, it's been difficult for me to get, "in the mood", but after using the Ylang Ylang Holy Basil tincture to wind down in the evening, I noticed that I was finally able to calm my mind and open my heart enough to enjoy physical intimacy on a much deeper level."
- Camila, 27, Denver CO

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