cbd for horses

Did you know horses are extremely receptive to CBD? It's true. In fact, they could even benefit from the same serving size as you and I.

Find out more about how CBD can benefit your equine below.

give your horses the best

Just like you, your horse has a built-in system in their body that communicates with cannabinoids like CBD. It's known as the endocannabinoid system and can be found within all mammals. This system is responsible for ensuring homeostasis, or sustained whole-body balance, through its connection with every other system in the body such as the immune, nervous, cardiovascular system and so on.

Studies show that  because horses have a slower metabolism and pulse rate than smaller mammals like a dog or cat,  they can actually benefit from a rather small amount of CBD. The typical equine heart rate is only 30 to 35 beats per minute, meaning the “by weight” dosage of many medicines can be far lower for horses than for humans, cats or dogs.  Surprising, right?

For example, while the CBD dose for calming down average-sized dogs is around 0.1mg per kg of body weight, research has shown that a dose of only 25mg of full spectrum CBD oil  helps horses for similar reasons  such as maintaining a healthy range of exercise-induced inflammation and stress. This means that using CBD for your horse can be both effective and affordable.

For your reference, we've included a couple of options for CBD that are suitable for both yourself and your equine. 

pachamama cbd — for you and your equine

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