will cbd help me be more productive?

CBD for Productivity

Who doesn’t want to be more productive? We all want to live rich, productive lives – get that big promotion we’ve been after, meet all our fitness goals, and still have time to get together with friends on the weekend. But doing it all takes a lot of commitment and an unmatched drive to be as productive as possible.

Can CBD help you be more productive? We break down some of the little (or big) things that are working against your productivity dreams and explain how CBD can help improve your lifestyle.

CBD helps improve your mood

While it’s true that working under at least a little bit of stress can actually help boost your productivity, everyone knows that too much of it will impact your work. Too much stress will keep you from operating at your peak potential. But battling stress in our hectic lives is challenging, and keeping up a self-care routine is hard during busy weekday mornings.

Fortunately, taking a little bit of CBD is a safe, natural and easy way to help get yourself re-centered. Just adding a few drops of CBD oil to your morning cup of coffee can go a long way towards helping improve your mood. CBD-infused snacks also make a great afternoon pick-me-up if you need something to help carry you through that midday lull.


There are few things you can do that will improve your productivity more than getting a good night’s sleep. But, with so much going on in our lives, it's tough to shut your brain off at the day's end. All it takes is one sleepless night to mess with your plans of having a seriously productive week. Not only will going to work exhausted reduce your ability to focus and think clearly, but it’s also liable to increase stress and anxiety. Talk about a loss of productivity, right?

For those looking for more natural solutions to their sleep issues, Pachamama’s Kava Kava Valerian might be the way to go. With its award-winning fusion that washes a sense of calm over your mind for a rejuvenating night’s sleep — which includes Valerian root that aids sleep — your body and mind will feel an added boost of tranquility each night.


‘Work through the pain’ might be a great mantra for when you’re trying to hit your next fitness milestone, but it doesn’t really help much when you want to improve productivity in other areas of your life. As mentioned above, the key to high productivity is being well-rested and (mostly) stress-free. And being in physical pain simply isn’t going to help you achieve any of those goals.
If you’re feeling a little sore from your weekend workout, CBD can be a great way to help maintain joint and muscle health and get you back on the productivity track. CBD balms and topicals are perfect for this. All you need to do is rub a little bit on the affected area and let the CBD work its magic. CBD can be easily absorbed through the skin and will quickly soothe your weary muscles.

While there isn’t necessarily a one-to-one relationship between consuming CBD and increased productivity, adding a little CBD to your daily wellness routine can still do a lot for you. From supporting your immune system to assisting with sleep, to helping improve your mood, CBD can help you tackle these productivity killers.
Now that you’ve got the information you need, shop Pachamama to find the right product for you to become the most productive version of yourself.

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