stats show baby boomers are using cbd just as much as millennials

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When people think about the growing CBD movement, they usually picture millennial users driving that growth. But as more and more people learn about the many health benefits of CBD like the entourage effect the demographics of users are shifting as well. There are now a plethora of stats showing that Baby Boomers are just as likely – if not more likely – to use CBD as millennials; and we’ve got the stats to back it up.

baby boomers are the biggest cbd users

According to a report by Eaze, the amount of CBD users in the United States nearly doubled from 2.6% to 4.8% in 2018. While that may not surprise people, this one probably will: Baby Boomers use CBD more than any other age group, per Green Entrepreneur. About 8.4% of Baby Boomers said they used CBD in 2018, more than any other age group. And since women use CBD more than men, female Baby Boomers are statistically the most common CBD users in America. In fact, female Baby Boomers made up 21% of 2018 CBD sales in the US. With things like CBD Pain Cream available, it’s no surprise.

baby boomers spend more than millennials

According to that same report by Eaze, Baby Boomers also spend more each month on CBD and cannabis products than millennials. On average, Baby Boomers spent $95.04 per month on cannabis and CBD products, while Millennials, on average, spent about $75.94. Of course, Baby Boomers also tend to have more savings and higher incomes than Millennials, so this may not be too surprising.

baby boomers substitute prescription medicines for cbd more than millennials

According to Eaze, 76% of Baby Boomers were more likely to reduce their usage of over-the-counter medicines in favor of using CBD and cannabis products. This is slightly higher than the average population, where only 71% of people reduced over-the-counter medicines. Another 49% of Baby Boomers reduced their usage of prescription medicines in favor of CBD and cannabis products. Perhaps this stat isn’t too surprising since Baby Boomers also probably use a lot more medications than Millennials and other adults.

baby boomers are promoting cbd on social media just as much as millennials

Perhaps the biggest difference between Baby Boomers and Millennials is technology. Millennials are viewed as tech-savvy and know all the ins-and-outs of the latest phones and social media trends, while Baby Boomers lag far behind. But it turns out that, when it comes to CBD, they’re both digitally active.

According to a study earlier this year, Baby Boomers and Millennials contributed the same amount of social media posts promoting CBD in 2018. Of the 1.3 million social media posts studied, Baby Boomers and Millennials each contributed 41% of these posts, for 82% combined. The other 18% were made by Gen Xers. So, the next time you see an article about something like broad spectrum CBD shared on your social media feed, you can’t assume it was made by a younger person.

There were some differences in how each demographic used social media, however. Baby Boomers were often posting about facts and trying to learn more about CBD. They also tended to have questions about CBD particularly the legality of products which they needed help answering. Millennials tended to promote products and brands in the CBD industry that they liked and thought their friends should try; like CBD tinctures.

baby boomers are just as positive about cbd as millennials

While Baby Boomers may be posting about CBD on social media just as much as Millennials, they could be criticizing and attacking these products as well, right? Surprisingly, no. In fact, Baby Boomers were just as positive about CBD on social media as Millennials, with 86% of Baby Boomer social media posts about CBD being considered positive, and 88% of Millennial social media posts being considered positive. That’s pretty amazing.

So while most social trends are driven by younger generations, when it comes to CBD, it turns out that people of all ages are buying-in. 

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