how cbd will get you through thanksgiving

CBD for Thanksgiving

Looking to spice things up this Thanksgiving? CBD could be the ingredient you’re missing to get you through the holiday. Check out how spicing up your recipes with a little Pachamama CBD can help harmonize your body, mind and spirit!

it will keep you in a state of balance

CBD can help to keep you feeling zen when the festivities start getting a little hectic. The compound naturally interacts with an intrinsic system found within the body, the endocannabinoid system (ECS), whose job is to promote a consistent state of homeostasis. 

ease your mind and body during travels

CBD doesn’t only help the body balance out, it also has a similar effect on the mind. Whether you’re on a long flight or car ride home, CBD can help improve your mood and ease your mind.

keep the Thanksgiving spirit alive

CBD can help you get better REM sleep for a well-rested night. CBD has been shown to have a regulating effect on the body’s sleep-wake cycles. This is CBD’s way of helping to promote relaxation when it’s time to hit the sheets and smooth, steady energy when it’s time to rise again.

help you work through all the food

CBD supports digestion while increasing the nutrients that your body can obtain from food.

All in all, it can help you nourish, restore, relax and maintain harmony. The ECS is made up of several cannabinoid receptors, located in the body’s digestive system, making it a very important player in the regulation of digestion and maintaining gut health.

how to incorporate cbd into your recipes

You may have noticed that most CBD tinctures are made with an oil base like coconut, MCT or olive oil. This is because the fatty acids in those oils help to transfer the CBD into your bloodstream. As if CBD and Thanksgiving didn’t already prove to be a match made in heaven, research shows that CBD exposure is significantly increased in the body when taken with high-fat foods! 

If you’re thinking about passing CBD around the table this year, try putting a few droppers into your gravy or butter. Always be sure to add your CBD in after the food has been cooked and had a little time to cool down. This way you won’t take the chance of damaging any of those precious molecules with too much heat exposure. 

our top 3 cbd tinctures this thanksgiving

It should be noted that Pachamama’s CBD tinctures are never flavored with anything artificial, and only infused with pure plant extracts and essential oils that enhance desired effects. However, these extracts and oils do naturally flavor our oils, which should be taken into consideration when adding them to a recipe. Here, we’ve put together a list of our top 3 CBD tinctures for this holiday and what we think pairs exceptionally well with their natural flavors.

Holy Basil Ylang Ylang

This adaptogen blend is absolutely perfect for the holiday. Holy Basil has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda for centuries to help the body adapt to all types of stressorsmental, physical or even spiritual. Ylang ylang has also been used in ancient medicine systems but not for the same reason. It’s known to help open the heart, reduce stress and induce tranquility.

It has a slightly sweet flavor and noticeable hints of basil which would go great in cranberry sauce or some strawberry sorbet for dessert!

Black Pepper Turmeric

Use Black Pepper Turmeric to help you maintain your cool this holiday. When working together, black pepper increases the effects of turmeric. These symbiotic counterparts elevate the holistic benefits of one another. They are simply made for each other.

This blend has an earthy flavor with hints of pepper which would do great as an addition to savory side dishes. 

The Natural

This tincture is just plain simple and pure, the way Mother Earth intended. For this reason, it is extremely versatile and a great addition to just about any recipe you’re planning on making this year! 

Add this to anything your heart desires without worrying about mixing flavors together.

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